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Alright I need some OSO advice...

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Remember, as a teenager Too Old walked into a Burger King, and the rest is history.
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Originally posted by PurePassion38
- Doug
It's my opinion that in today's society working for your self you will make more money then working for a company..But in turn you gotta deal with alot more.. You just cant go to work for 8 to 5 and be over with it. But to start and run you own business you gotta learn every you can and to your best ability. If you start young though you can learn these trades and like you said the sky is the limit!
Hey kid... I'll give you on bit of advice that I wish someone had told me years ago.... You cannot make any real money hourly.... I don't care if you have a degree... two degrees.. three degrees... whether you are a doctor or a lawyer... there is a simple fact that we all have to live by.... THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY HOURS IN A DAY YOU CAN WORK. Of course the Lawyer makes $300.00 dollars and hour... some doctors make $3,000.00 for a single operation... out of the money they make they have to pay expenses... Malpractice insurance... office fees.... etc etc... but the bottom line is they are ruled by time... just like anyone... To make any real money.. you have to either manufacture and sell something... or just sell something... Donald Trump manufactures housing and real estate... then either leases or sells it... The thing first and foremost you want to study in college... and I don't care if you make it your major or just study it... you have to get some understanding of business .. how it operates... banking ... etc... You can have the best business idea in the world... the best product invented... but if you don't know how to manage a business... the competition will eat you alive... Business is nothing less than swimming with sharks. You need a sharp knife to defend yourself from the sharks.. That knife is some business classes... I studied engineering in college... while I really should have been studying business too. If you love boating and someday want to make a living at it... you will want to be the boss... being an employee is fine for a while... but there is nothing more rewarding than having the reins in your hands... and if you don't know how to control the reins.. the horses bolt and the carriage will tip over... get my drift? Don't go to college with the thinking it will get you a job... go to college to gain the knowledge on how to run a business for yourself. Then whatever you choose to do .. if won't be such a struggle.
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Originally posted by DoTheMath
Great quote / thought clearcut3!!:

You can work hard for the next 4 years and play for the rest of your life or you can play for the next 4 years and work like a dog the rest of your life.

There are no guarantees, I know but... don't be the dog bro' - hit the books!
22 or 23 will come before you know it. this has got to be the best wise saying i have ever read!!! now if only someone would have pounded it into my thick head 16 years ago oh well, got 3 cars to paint today
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