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Cedat Point OH

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Ice cold Lemon Drop at Put-in Bay (yes the boat was docked for the night)
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I have Steps & Bubbles!

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Sounds great
Kids are not mine, some friends have 'thought' about going. They have 2 kids. 5 and 3
Think it might be too much for them being so young. Let alone not many rides for them.
But I want to go. Might just have to bite the bullet and spend the extra $$ to be single.

If I go I would want 4-5 days out there.
What kind of cost involved out there.
The brochure I have shows rooms between 150-250
so that alone would be 600-750. Another 100 for park admission for 3 days.
how far is everything by boat? would 200 gallons be enough? Running twins in a 28' Cat.
How rough does this area get? Can you stay on the boat at the CP Marina? Maybe not the best for my style boat, but a cost option.
looking at 2 grand for the trip

What is the heat factor out there? Maybe camping is an option
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I grew up about an hour away from CP.
It was a once a year destination.

The best time I ever had was taking my boat about 5 years ago.
I camped in the marina. The marina has a private entrance to the park = NO LINE to get in.
you can get to the newest rides early because the entrance is halfway through the park.
Also, - midday when it get's really busy you can go back to your boat and hang out, drink cheap beer and relax.

Every night at closing CP put's on a fireworks/laser show. This takes place right in front of the marina - watch it from your boat.

And the Islands are great! if you go to PIB, weekdays are OK for kids, but on the weekend adult's only!!! - I've only been arrested there once....

As for the water - it can get pretty snotty out there, but it's a short trip to the islands. Typical Lake Erie, you can leave one place and the water is like glass, and 3-4 hours later you are running in a 4-6' tight chop.
Most times the water is good, maybe i just spent too much time on that water and remember the few bad days before all the good ones.

Do the trip, $2000 is more than enough to cover you, if the weather is good you may even want to head up to Detroit or Pelee Island - It's really not that far and some good cruising.

Have a good time.
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I'll let ya know. Doing a week there in july with the boat
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looks to me like an OSO get together in the making. im in
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All I can say is go!

If your going to "The Point" you can stay on your boat and you will be steps away from the park. Make reservations because it can get pretty busy in the summer and stay at the Cedar Point Marina. They just bought out The Harbor Marina and now call it Castaway Bay Marina and it is not within walking distance to the park. The Castaway Bay water park is not opening until November 2004.
If you take the kids there is plenty for them to do in the park.
A suggestion I'm going to make is that you could keep your boat in the marina and stay in one of the cabins at Lighthouse Point. From there you can walk to your boat with no problem.
Check out Cedar Points website.

There are other marinas and places to stay in the area and are only a short distance and you will save some money.

Hotel and a place for your boat but I'm not saying cheap.

Website for Sandusky.

You have to go to Put in Bay.

Spend a day or night at Kellys Island.

I like staying here at Kellys.

That should keep you busy for a while.

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I live in view of Cedar Point, keep my boat in Sandusky Bay too. Its a great time in the summer. I would suggest doing Cedar Point on weekdays and the Islands on the weekend. If costs are an issue, ive got a spare bedroom your welcome to stay with us. The 28 cat will be fun during the week but deadly on a weekend unless you run early in the morning. Ive got plenty of room on the cruiser too if this turns into a cedar point oso gig.
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Originally posted by glassdave
looks to me like an OSO get together in the making. im in
I'm there! I already have my season passes. As for staying in the marina, yes yoiu can. Nice facility with showers and pool/hot tub. I always sleep on the boat.
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I'm in for any OSO get-together ! I spend all the time i can up there !!!!
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I'm thinking about going myself now after reading this thread!
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