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Trailer Parking 101

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Bonnie Outlaw.

My Jen helps with the launch also, she doesn't like to pull the boat down the road but when we get to the launch she takes over and backs it in I get in the boat.

You should see the looks on all the guys faces at the launch

She backs up like a pro, the assistance is welcome. Our total time on the launch is 1/4 of most 2 men teams.

Its really easy... It starts by LOADING the boat in parking lot.

We have a system... And call it out as a check list.

Lines Ready ? ... Check
Blower On ? ..... Check
Drives Up ? .... Check
Ladder Up ? .... Check

Then we drop in the water fire engines, unhook from the trailer...


Nothing drives me more nuts than people that take 30 minutes to launch.
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If it is an 02 or 03 there is a problem with the auto lock. There is an air actuator that will fail over time and when not used often. All new Fords have it unless there is a stripped model without. then it would have to have a floor shifter and you said you flipped a button. The whole idea is that if you know you are going into crap you can lock the hubs, the auto will not engage until it senses a slip and by then you are into it and stuck. The auto works well but the locks make it sure you are in 4 wheel drive. Plus the autos tend to disengage in reverse for a second, just enough to bang back in.

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Oh...thanks Mitch! I'll have him read that. He was reading this morning but didn't make it this far. It is an 02.

LOL Reed....

Fight, we have a similar system minus the ropes. Everything is loaded on the boat in the driveway. We stop for gas, snacks and drinks. When we get to the launch we literally take 3 minutes. More of a pit stop than a boat launch.

Boat loaded? Yup
JB in the boat? Yup
I back up til the engine is in the water (at this time he always feels compelled to tell me when to stop - as if I couldn't see in the mirrors. LOL)
He starts the boat while I unhook the boat from the trailer.
I back up and he pulls away.
I park the truck and trailer and hop on the nose of the boat from the dock.

There are a couple launches that we go to that have a TERRIBLE set up. I've mastered them, twisting and turning to get the right angle. By the middle of the year I could do it first try and the guys would sit there with their jaws wide open. I LOVE that! I guess the reason they popped another beer was cuz they thought they were getting ready to watch a comedy of errors. We generally get remarks about how he doesn't even get his feet wet when pulling out either.

But, I HATE backing up the jet ski trailer. The truck's so big and if the trailer is empty you literally have no idea where it is until it's practically jack knifed. Guess I need more practice. LOL
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Default LMAO

Originally posted by Cord
It must have been a FORD!
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