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38 Topgun TS Crashed in Myrtle Beach last night

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Mrs. Dawg
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It's interesting to note that people who race boats (in competition) are required to wear life vests and helmets when racing. These races involve very experienced drivers (for the most part), helicopters, safety divers in case of accident, etc, etc.

Yet, recreational boaters go just as fast in many cases, and usually do not don the vests. It seems it is image based, but at speeds over 65, is image the priority or is safety?

It just seems these tragic stories of death while boating are becoming more frequent. Boating is serious. Fun, but serious. And now, again sad.

I don't care how it looks - you'll see lifevests on our family when we're at high speeds or on the ocean. I don't want one of us to be the next loss you read about.

God bless that poor man's family.

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Condolences to the family and friends.
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as per mrs dawg's comment i so agree.....
we raced once last year and i think that is way safer than pokerruns. or just out blasting around. i love doing both,, i think i am going to invest in some lifelines its an investment!! i saw a post re poker run vests i thought.? lifline did em??
alot of the boats on poker runs are way faster than the majority of the p and f class boats and they have no helmets no lifeline and some to drink to boot..
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The other problem is that most people don't understand the G's involved in a crash like this, and how violent a body gets slammed around when a boat at high speed hooks or stuffs unexpectedly. Drowning in the water is only one of many perils.

Once you've been through it, you'll never forget it. Sturdy, well built life jackets with leg straps should be the minimum. Real "Racing" jackets w/ impact materials that are designed to float a person "face up" are even better.

Even a tragedy like this can sometimes be used to help protect someone else. I hope this is the case here. Be safe, folks.

High Perf/Poker Run/Pleasure jacket:

Offshore Racing Jacket w/ impact material:

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Default Closure

I am saddened to post that John's body has been recovered.
I do not know any other details as to where in the river or in what condition.

I think that all the comments regarding Life Jackets and safety equipment are to be noted and appreciated.
But at this time I believe that the real strength of our fellowship should center around the Prayers for those that survive him and the condolences and sympathies for Mr. Nance's Family.

I know that John was and excellent swimmer, a championship professional water skier. A gentleman in all that I witnessed. And a man who I had the brief but memorable opportunity to share a great weekend with in the company of mutual friends.

As for Angela and I, both of us are in shock and we can only hope and pray that in the time to come his family can begin to make sense of all this and eventually find peace.

May God go with you my friend, with the Sun on your Soul and the wind at your back.

Robert Shin
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Default Re: Closure

Originally posted by Rice Hauler
Robert Shin
I'm sorry Rob. I send my support to you and Jay.
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My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
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God Bless all involved.
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My sincere thoughts and prayers go to all effected and involved.
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Originally posted by BK

But the solution is simple.

The CG requires is that an approved jacket be "on board", they don't say it has to be worn. So all you have to do to be in compliance is put a few cheap-o's somewhere on the boat, and you will comply with CG req's, even when wearing your Lifeline or other race jacket.
First let me say my condolences to the family of the gentleman that was killed in this accident, this is truly a sad day.

I moved the remainder of this to another thread where it belongs.

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