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Texas Hold'em

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Default Texas Hold'em

I have been playing this game for a short while now and I keep having the same problem. Tell me what you guys would do when you have a top pair in the pocket.......Do you bet big before the flop and try to win the blinds or would you bet smaller hoping to keep more players in the game?? I seem to be beating myself because I am not betting big enough before the flop. I am giving the other players the oppertunity to "catch" a better hand at the flop. What do you guys think?? BTW sorry for posting this in the General and not the O\T section.
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Not that it answers your question but
I've been watching the World Poker Tour on TV and it is very interesting.
Sometimes they ditch good hole cards and later play crappy ones I guess they knew what they were doing to get where they are.

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Well that depends on what pocket pair you have and what limits you are playing. A pocket pair of AA is a big difference then KK. I usually don't raise either one of them until after the flop. If you are holding KK and the flop comes A-J-9, you are probably already beat. Then again if you raise before the flop with KK you may get the guy thats holding an ace and a bad kicker to fold.

Unless I'm in a no limit game usually I play them like any other two cards before the flop. After the flop will tell you how you can play them. If you are holding KK and the flop comes Q-9-6, you can now bet or try and suck in players. There are so many variables it is hard to say what you should do all the time.

Some people play you should always raise and re-raise with those two pairs. It can't be a set rule like that though. It depends on the limit of the game, how loose or tight the game is, what position you are in at the time and how many players folded in front of you.

Good luck and remember what you don't put in the middle you can't loose.
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I play alot and i will very my style depending on the style of the other players at the table, but genrally I will check or call to try to keep players in the game, if you knock everybody out you will not win much money no matter what cards you have. but again it depends on the group of people, i have played in games were everybody at the table raises right to the max before the flop , so in a game like this it doesn't matter what you do.
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I play "No Limit" Hold'em, so it depends on your style of play and the pther players. The key for me is to lose very slowly.

I fold most hands and bluff very little. I allow the other guys to go "all in", and lose. If I can take third, then I am usually "in the money".

Follow Danny's advise. He sounds like a seasoned player.
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I play no limit most of the time. I love the feeling of going "all in" or calling someone who did.
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Go to Great game
2014 OPA-APBA National Champion Class 7 .Hauling Trash 725.
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