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I think that is a good question. i read this forum everyday and notice some people look for any excuse to rag on other people. This guy has a legitimate question if you do not have the answer don't post. i for one would like to know the answer and i have SEVERAL boat's
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Default you know a 42' "stock" Fountain would need 4200 HP to hit 160 mph...

so i doubt "they" were running T-2100 HP a "stock boat with a canopy)

...Triple 1050 Sterlings make the "stock" boat go 138 mph Triple 1400 HP motors would make the stock boat go 160 mph folks HP alone did not do this...that boat was very very light....or the bottom was significantly different....or more HP was used...

who knows...but the average idiot like me actually thought a stock 42' with 1050 Sterlings did this...and maybe it did...PLEASE TELL OR SHOW ME I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE "HOWS"...ok?

know what my calculations show? Just about every boat with steps in the same size range is about equally efficient...unless you play with weight reduction aka "Epoxy" lite layups...they are pretty similar...I didn't know that 2 months ago...

...and don't get me wrong..the 42' Fountain is still one of my favorites...this would not stop me from buying one...I just want to know the facts and nothing but the facts maam...

160 mph is a tremendous us the technology it took to do it is all....ok?

...playing "Colombo" a little is all...
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Lonely at the Fountain factory again...

check your pockets you might have enough change.
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Maybe the speed trial boat had bigger bubbles coming from the steps.....

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...I am starting to wonder about GLH and the rocker too!

...hey this time I have a very legitimate question...and not too many forthcoming answers...

....and GLH when all is said and done....if you can't spring 5 cents to help a fellow boater ....but hey I think a lot of us "nit wits" have a decent question now and then...
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I would think the lighter the boat the equation would change . The more of the hull out of the water the less drag so it would be more efficient.

I still say they had more hp than they claimed . 2000 hp each on a bonzi run would be very easy to do.

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..if it's have to inspect everything and report it to the public I would think....hope somebody reads this and things change....ya gotta watch 'em put the thing together,....ever see how "Winston Cup" cars are inspected/sanctioned? they take a wrench to them...look at the jets on the carbs..etc..not just mark a course off with buoys and a radar gun...and I NEVER said there was any wrong doing...just "SHOW ME" what you you did it...and the results...

what DID impress me was the boat In PB tested a couple 2-3 months back ...Fountain 35' with chilled 575's that went I was ok thinking the 42' with 1050 Sterlings would hit 160mph..didn't give it a second thought...till Powerboat tested a 42' with 1100 Cobras that hit 120 on GPS and Radar...that's 40 mph difference folks...

...and if I am wrong it just means I am wrong...hey give me a PM and a plane ticket Reg and i will do a run with you as the beneficiary of the policy...

...what actually started all this is that I talked to a dealer who sold several brands including Fountain..and I asked what I could get a 42' executioner for with T- 1050 Sterlings..and the salesman said forget 160 mph...
...maybe a Poker run with triples he said...see my point?
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So, after all this, have you bought a boat yet?? No??? Well get on with it then.
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Default far the best thing I have really found to my likings is a 42' tiger TS with 575's...I posted the test published today on another thread earlier..I like your pick-up with the outboard...they said it's yours...
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I know for a fact that the boat tested has a little more in it than 120. As for your question i would love to know the weight differences, construction differences, and bottom/drivetrain dimensions were on the Race boat to this production boat.
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