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jeff bratton
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kinda glad i have the 502mpi over the 496s. LPA your ok in my book, just buy a boat soon please
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well after all this research and seeing a boat in a tree on a weekly basis I am rethinking things if you know what I mean? for me 496's won't work...gotta go at least 525's and that's like what an extra 60k? and still not enough power for the buck...what? 500Hp???

....and now i have Cigaretteitis....when all is said and the dough is there it will probably be a 38' Gun with 525's..not 575's after talking to a few custom builders..
...I am taking a "shine to" Zuls...maybe a pair of 600 ZULLs?

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Originally posted by LPA2106 guys know I am not saying or doing all this because I am buying a's an educational process..
Well you could knock me over with a feather, I'm so shocked!

IIRC, it wasn't more than a month or so ago that you were singing the praises of brother Reggie, inventor of the stepped hull, and were ready to write a check for a 42' Executioner. Or was it 35'? Then it was bubble analysis with Mister X, the infamous anonymous marine engineer. Somewhere in here was an unrigged and overpriced 41' Apache.

Then after reading a test in Powerboat, you decided that a 42 Tiger was the only stepped hull boat with a proper design. I think there was something about the company boat about this time, a non-stepped 38' Scarab, of which you have no pictures (company boat??? I've heard of company cars, trucks, even planes, but never boats - but I digress...), . Still not sure what the point of that story was supposed to be.

Now you're off creating a forged-not-cast love nest with Minnesota's finest donut-chaser. I gotta tell ya, this is some genuinely entertaining material. OSO hasn't had this sort of entertainment in a long time.

Keep up the creative work!

(My fearless prediction - LPGA buys a boat about the same time Audiofn and Too Old splash their respective trailer queens )
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Originally posted by Troutly
Dude.....that is harsh!!!!
I guess you're right - how about "Minnesota's finest bagel-chaser"?

Hey, I'm especially proud that I managed to bust balls on you, Audiofn, and Too Old all in one post. Now if I only could've gotten the 'Foul in there somewhere, I'd have hit the Grand Slam!

Did you get the Formula in the water yet? I thought you were planning to do some prop testing, see if you could tweak another couple of MPH out of her. Too damn cold to do anything here in Michigan - that move to Florida is sounding better all the time!
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HP500 EFI - 500 HP

These have the "good Parts" about 10k more per engine than a HO but well worth it....Reggie and others said this engine is bullett pruff...

HP: 500
kW: 390
Full Throttle RPM Range: 4800-5200
Displacement Liter/CID: 8.2/502
Bore & Stroke (in): 4.47 x 4.00
Bore & Stroke (mm): 114 x 102
Compression Ratio: 8.75:1
Cylinder/Configuration: V-8
Alternator Amp: 60
Alternator Watt: 847
Fuel System: MPI
Ignition System: Digital
Fuel Requirements: 87 Posted Octane (R+M)/2 (92 RON) International
Transmission: (Six) w/Huber 600 Series
Drive Unit: Bravo One XR, Bravo One XR w/ITS, Bravo One XR Sport Master (Standard or Short), and Bravo One XR Sport Master (Standard or Short) w/ITS. Dry-Sump Six w/Huber 600
Drive/Gear Ratios: Bravo One XR/Bravo One XR Sport Master - 1.26/1.35/1.5:1
Length (in/mm): 39/991
Width (in/mm): 34/857
Height (in/mm): 22/560
Weight (lbs / kg): 1113/505
Warranty: 1-Year Ltd. for Recreational Boating/3-Year Ltd. Corrosion
CARB Star Rating: 3

Features & Benefits

Precision CNC machined 502 C.I.D. cast iron cylinder block.

Forged 4340 steel, fully machined and shot-peened Mercury Racing connecting rods.

Forged aluminum pistons, designed by Mercury Racing, for maximum strength and durability.

MEFI 3 Electronic Control Module digital ignition system features advanced electronics for more precise fuel and spark control along with better top-end throttle response.

Multiport fuel injection system incorporates a high-flow throttle body and tuned intake manifold developed exclusively by Mercury Racing.

A thermostatically-controlled, high-capacity oil cooler raises engine oil temperatures faster and keeps them more consistent.

The oil thermostat and a Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve work together to reduce the buildup of condensation in the oil. The PCV valve also improves engine idle.

A hydraulic roller camshaft, which improves low-end torque, offers higher level of performance and aids fuel economy.

A one-piece serpentine belt system requires less horsepower to drive engine accessories.

Comes standard with 1.26:1, 1.35: or 1.50:1 gear ratio Bravo One XR drive in either right-hand or left-hand rotation.

Dual-water pickup and low-water pickup gearcase housings available for standard Bravo One XR drives.

Bravo One XR Sport Master, Bravo One XR Short Sport Master and Dry-Sump Six drive options available.

The Bravo One XR Sport Master gearcase (Std. and Short), available on selected Bravo One XR drives, reduces drag for enhanced overall boat performance in select applications.

Integrated Transom System (ITS) available with Bravo One XR and Bravo One XR Sport Master drive options.

New engine oil drain line enhances ease of changing oil.
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Thought I would weigh in on this anti-496 expose of yours. McCollinstn is right, the HP500 is not hand built, but is a nice piece of GM high performance workmanship. You need to realize the 496 was not originally developed for marine or high performance work. Considering that they were designed originally as a low rpm high torque truck motor they are doing quite well in marine use. Of the thousands out there I have seen or heard of no crank failures and most of the hypereutectic piston problems have just come from mass production and are small in number. The factory cast nodular crank is quite a piece, it replaced the original forged unit because its just as strong due to rolled fillets, micro-alloy structure, fully counter weighted knife edge throws. This ain't your Uncle Bills cast crank! The original forged crank was a 1038 micro-alloy not a 4140 or 4130 as you might suppose. The cast crank has been tested by several builders in the industry up to 550HP levels with no failures reported. The only piston failures I have heard about in any marine use came from boosting applications and were subjected to obvious detonation problems. The 496 block is a very strong piece with excellent buildup possibilities. The 18 head bolts per cylinder give excellent clamping force to the heads and will practically eliminate blown head gaskets. The main reason the 502 engines have such a good reputation in the market that they have so many after market parts available to build their reputations. We have just now come on to the market with 496 aftermarket aluminum heads, pistons, cams, manifolds and such that will improve the outputs of the 496 so much, that I think the 496 engine will have its own high performance offshore reputation and will slowly equal and surpass the 502 engine family as the better offshore motor! We have been working with the 496 for two years now, testing an building these motors. I can tell you from lots of expierence that 496 engines make more torque per cubic inch and per horsepower than the HP500 and HP525 engines! Torque is the workhorse that gets and keeps boats going! We are going to release some new signature 496 engines this summer that will run circles around the HP500 and will outperform the HP525's quite handsomely with great naturally aspirated longevity and reliability that offshore boaters expect from their motors and with a pricetag that won't choke the goat! Remember neccessity is the mother of invention and the performance boating aftermarket is the built on innovation and application.
Just some thoughts and facts in defense of the "poor" new 496.
Ray @ raylar
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And after buying these inexpensive engines you will only have to change your Amsoil once a year
I'm sure the Amsoil and filter will not mind all the impurities caused by HP engines the black gasoline laden sludge will be just fine
I have Steps & Bubbles!
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10 K more per motor is well worth it,, ??? what planet did you say your species is from ???...

Yah, o.k. 10 grand for 45 hp more.. you could probably do two entire rebuilds and some performance upgrades to get you well over the 470 H.P. your highly regarded 500EFI has. ..
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well these are NEW engines and the previous engines with some of these parts did not fair would you put a 496 HO in a 42'er and feel good about it or go 500 efi? or Sterling or Zul?

..and I am not bashing just presenting factual experiences of other comanies with these parts

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maybe worth a second look? so you get 3 yrs warranty?
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