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Don't Bash, anybody know about Hybrids ?

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Default Re: Don't Bash, anybody know about Hybrids ?

Also new synthetic fuels derived from natural gas are getting closer and closer to profitable. According to companies in the feild they become competative alternatives above $20 a barrel and now with nearly doublt that it will become a more likely solution. The technology is getting better and better for this field too. I think the "doomsday" crowd is just plain silly, there is much to be excited about with the new technologies, synthetics, biofuels, hydrogen tech. and also electric tech. This is only the beginning.
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Default Re: Don't Bash, anybody know about Hybrids ?

They say the price point is $ 5.00/gallon gasoline and syn fuels will be here bigtime; but then the President has to curtail foreign oil from coming in at a temporary deflated price which would be intended to to kill these projects. It's a game and I say we look to eliminating foreign oil demands significantly. Cutting it in half in 5 years is an easy target. Biodiesel and ethanol/methanol is the way to go with a small percent of gasoline mixed in to fire it up easier in colder temps. IN the 70's we had corvettes struggling to hit 180 hp CAFE' etc and look where we are at today. We could have 500 hp biodiesel engines almost immediately and car engines too. If we cut demand 50% and then added more nuclear power plants with the safer tech. we have now we would be out of the woods completely in 10 years. People would buy olives from the Mid-east and that's about it.
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