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How much allowance for kids

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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

My sons are 4 and 6 and I pay them a small amount for helping me around the house. I can't wait until they are a little older and I can really start teaching them the value of hard work and the value of a dollar. They already negotiate with me for video games and such. I always worked for my spending money and my boys will also. Always pay more for taking initiative. Teaches them to think out of the box. Good thread!
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

The pay for grades is always a good idea...
I always worked for my $$.
I had my own lawn care enterprise at 11 or 12 yrs old... 2 jobs per week kept me at $40 some/week income... Not bad for a kid...
Prior to that dad would pay me for keeping the yard at home and other home maintenance. But most ogf the time I did all the home maintanance and kept the cars clean..because I was happy to do my part.. Dad paid for the house, cars, food, clothing, etc.... much more than a lot of kids get...

Kids now seem to expect too much of a hand out... Very few actually know what it is to work...


Reward them for working hard. THeir work ethinc will be a big asset for them in the future.
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

Originally Posted by JASSMAN
Are children (16,11,9) do not get allowance. We feel if you give to much they will always expect it, and will always have the attitude in life that someone owes them something, I want my children to understand what a dollar is, and that you must earn it, no hand outs. My 16 year old gets all A's, has worked on weekends for us, which she got paid, presently holds 2 part time jobs, and is working on a scholarship for colledge. She saved enough money for a 4000.00 dp on a used 2002 Bettle bug. we are extremely proud of her, and she is becoming a great young adult. The two younger ones get mostly A's and an occasional B, both great kids as well, they work on the job sites as well doing clean up and get paid. They all do jobs around the house, like washing their own clothes, and cleaning their own rooms, vacuming the house and so forth. What we are doing is trying to make sure they can make it on their own. They have everything they need, good food, non designer Walmart cloths, new shoe's, a pool, and so forth. We try and teach them they maybe a little more fortunate than other kids, but they are no better than them and treat them the way they want to be treated. And designer cloths and 150.00 Nike's don't make a person, It comes from with in. They know when they go to Walmart or any store and spend their earnings for special things that they must choose something within their money, and not go over budget, it seems to work. Actually most of their friends (1/2 the neiberhood) end up staying here on weekends for sleep overs and we take them boating and or tubing on the 22' Seadoo Islandia jet boat, everyone gets along, and everyone knows the rules. I just feel we are very active with are children in and out of school in their sports, and support everything they do, I just don't feel an allowance will work in our application. Just our take on it, Thanks Jeff and Sandy Jassby
When your the kid it sucks. But i can tell you from personal experience, my mom and dad, showed me the way, but i had to work for ALL of my money. I have friends i have grown up with over the years that got new trucks, toys etc, And I personally think i came out a lot better with a respect towards money. I bought my first car, and i quickly learned when i tore it up, i had to work to fix it. I thank my parents for what they did now.
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

Originally Posted by mr_velocity
It has taught him to be a good business man, he has become an outstanding negotiator. We did a job last year replacing 18 dock boxes at a condo marina, I had the old ones sitting in my driveway when someone stopped by and wanted to by them. I let my son negotiate the deal, I figured $30 a box, he started at $100 and when he was done we got $75. I gave him the difference for each box he sold. Last week someone wanted to buy a buoy he had found, the buyer started at $10 when they were done my son had a $50 in his hand.
Please have your son call me. I have my 25 Active Thunder for sale and he sounds like the guy for the job
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

Originally Posted by Tantrum
Please have your son call me. I have my 25 Active Thunder for sale and he sounds like the guy for the job
Yea, he'll be buying it for $50.

We'll see you on Saturday, he'll be on the Velocity with me, I'll tell him to bring some cash.

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Re: How much allowance for kids

I got 5...11,11,13,14,15.

For grades, God gave them the brains, no rewards for using them, punishment for not using them. Needless to say, 5 Honor Roll Kids. Oh yeah, Band isn't optional.

For allowance, we did that once, made them pay at the store for candy, gum etc. they couldn't believe how quick it went. They asked to change back to old system.

We do allow them to earn for extra chores, but cutting grass, cleaning bathrooms etc, those aren't extra. Yard work standard too. We just tell em, stop cheer, lacrosse, football, softball or any of the other activities, and we'll get a maid, and we will all still get what we want.

Kids today got life gravy. Remember whne poor, wasn't Gap instead of A&F? We got more stuff than Best Buy here, and i had to just give on eback to her mother, because she didn't get her MP3 Player in her time frame and went nuts. Now, we aint cheap, she and her sister were part of the halftime show at this year's NFL Pro Bowl.

I got to stop, I'll need blood pressure pills.

And if they are 15, they better be working!
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

Daughter is 11.
Son is 13.
Never have given an allowance.

Each "A" on a report card is $5
All "A"s on a report card is an additional $15
If the "number grade" on the report card (we have to ask the teacher for it) is 99 or more, then it is an "A+" and gets an additional $15 bonus.
In the case of "ALL A+'s" there is an additional $50 bonus (this has happened ONCE and my daughter walked with $165 for her five A+'s.

Both kids do well in school and rarely get a B. This, to me, is worth any amount of money...

Additional school related money: end of year awards, $5 to $15 each depending..

Achievement test/TCAP test grades: $5 to $35 depending.

Sports excellence (make a goal, play extra smart, etc.) - $5

Chores around the house:
Keep your room clean - $0, expected.
Help take out trash - $0, expected.
Keep floating toys out of the pool when not in use - $0, expected.
Take your own clean clothes up and put them away when laundrymom is done with them - $0, expected.
Vacuum your room when needs it - $0, expected.

Help mom clean other parts of the house - $5 for a couple hours work.
Mow yard - $25 (excluding edging, which I do every 2 cuts).
Spray roundup - $5, but nothing if sprayed less than 2 days before predicted rain - I expect them to check the weather reports before spraying.
Pull weeds - $5.
Help mom cut fabric for sewing - $5 for a solid hour.

So far it works well.
They take their own money to the movie for junkfood.
They buytoys and video games with their own money.
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

I never got a allowance . My Dad paid me $20 for cutting the grass. I started part time working at a convenience store stocking the cooler and mopping floors at 10 until 14 . At 15 in 1979 I started at the Furniture store.
I was taught to respect a dollar and I am proud of what I have now because it was not given to me. I earned it.

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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

My kids do get allowances for extra chores around the house....but they are expected to keep up their room and the family room everyday without pay since they are in there most of the time. My daughter is 13..she gets 10 per week for folding the clothes, and mowing the back yard. My son is 8 and he gets 5 per week for taking out the trash, and mowing the front lawn ( during the winter, it's shoveling snow). They both take turns doing the dishes and clearing the table. After that, they can earn more money if they do more around here. Usually a dollar per job they do....depending on how big or small it is.
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Default Re: How much allowance for kids

Just to put things in perspective....Bill Gates and his wife give their kids $5/week. Yep, that's FIVE DOLLARS. And, they have to make their beds, set and clear the table, and take out the trash.
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