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NY Reality Check

Old 06-22-2004, 10:20 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

"Love it or leave it, but enjoy the show, it does help the sport! There are always smaller poker runs if anyone is intimidated by the big guys!"

And this would be the attitude I'm talking about!
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Old 06-22-2004, 10:41 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

We have lots of poker runs here on the Chesapeake. My family loves them and it's a great way for me to learn how to drive a performance boat in the slop. I'm usually conservative and poker runs show me what the boat can do. The lunch stops and after parties are a hoot and are a great way to meet other boaters and talk shop.

If you feel inadequate around the big boys at the mega poker runs then maybe you should find a different hobby. You guys are just jealous and it sounds like you're whining. Doesn't matter which sport you are in .... bikes, cars, trucks, planes, 4wheelers, etc... Someone will always have something bigger, louder, faster and meaner looking.

I feel the big boys are pushing the envelope on styling and performance. This impacts manufacturing and aftermarket stuff. Ultimately, helping us poorer folk.

Now, get over yourselves and have fun driving faster than most powerboaters.

Flame On

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Default Re: NY Reality Check

They do steal the show! But they spend deservedly so to do it as you accurately described. And, it definitely is their prerogative and right to do so.

As for pleasure boating your right to question the use of a canopy boat in that application but I bet most of these guys also have open cockpit boats, for enjoyment, yahh know like a Concept or something funky like that!!!

Their is also a misconception the majority of the boats that were there I would guess were under 75 mph boats. The top rigs get the attention but the pack is more average than perceived.

As for the average Joe feeling inadequate to enter such events because of the attention purveyed to the big boys or the speed they attain, I'd compare it to going to a strip joint, their smoking to look at but who wants the hassle of dealing with one of those wackjobs, in the end I'd rather have the lady I'm hooked up with.
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Old 06-22-2004, 11:07 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Scott - My comment about the OL guys was directed more toward comments on other threads. Sorry if I didn't elaborate more.
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Old 06-22-2004, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Originally Posted by 388Hustler
I have one quick question for everyone. Why is everyone making such a big deal about the OL guys and the expense/speeds of their boats? How much does a 38'+ cat with moderate to high power cost? We see them all the time and nobody seems to mind that. Am i missing something here?

I say more power to anyone that can afford one. I love to watch them.

You're missing my point, the OL's are a big deal, they're in a league all their own and they deserve the attention. My concern is the cooling of interest of what makes up the majority of the participants. Three fairly large runs that we had planned on attending this year have been canceled "for lack of interest". There ain't enough " big boats" to support these things, so if everybody's "watching" instead of running the atmosphere changes and the fun drains away. Hell I'm lucky enough to be able to run with most of the big boats but the more "serious" it gets fewer people participate and the runs simply don't happen.

BTW There is no comparison between a 38' cat and these things . What it takes to push these OL's to these huge numbers is mind boggling in every respect, it's truly an accomplishment. Cats require much less of everything to operate and maintain at this level, just facts.
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Old 06-22-2004, 11:23 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Originally Posted by WickedWon
Speaking of fun, thats all boats are about, there has to be a balance and I'm wondering if that balance is being lost ? It seems like more runs are being canceled than ever for a lack of interest, is it because the "bar" has been raised too the point where a guy in a nice 75mph ( only ) boat without a $ 20,000 paint job feels " unworthy" of participating ?

Very well put. That is the exat reason I don't do more poker runs.
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Old 06-22-2004, 11:25 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

WW - I totally agree with you about "lack of interest" if poker runs are being canceled because of this. That is a shame.

I was only asking the OL/cat question from a total $ perspective. I agree that it takes more power to push the OL but aren't the big cats just as expensive? I'm curious because I always thought the big fast cats were a lot of coin as well.
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Boys and their toys right.

It's all priorities, and funding. It would appear, that most of the big boats, i.e. XXX and Fountain, are run by the guys who own the factory. where's their cost, oh yeah, they expense it for advertising and marketing.

Fountain and OL have gotten more free advertising in this board, God Bless both of them. OL gets press for not racing, Fountain for racing, still all good.

Even the other guys with the serious speed are all in the industry. Like Love Machine said, we all benefit. What they learn makes it affordable for everyone. I didn't get to New York, but I was at Red Eyes last June. 90 boats worth $25Million. That's an AVERAGE of $277,000 per boat. Would I want one, sure, can I afford one, I can.

Do I want to spend all week working it, tweaking it etc. NO. Do I want to put out $1000 a weekend for gas? NO. Do I enjoy dropping the lift and running my single engine with the kids up the river at 70 Yup. And we will do Poker Runs, at our speed, for the fun of it. It is supposed to be fun right?

Wicked Won, I see it like this, put all your eggs in the boat, and get the speed, or live your life the way you want and be content. I put the $1000 a weekend for gas towards putting two kids in the Halftime Show at the 2004 NFL ProBowl.

On the inadequate. My boat is my boat, not me. How fast it goes is a reflection of the boat, not me.

I can tell you though, I would have loved to have been in New York, just to see it all. Like that day last June, it was just unbelievable. I am just glad that they all choose to spend their money on their boats just so I can see them. I wouldn't care who won, I would just like to see XXX or Rio Roses atr speed. I had the good fortune to see the guy from MTI here in Maryland both at the dock and on the water several times. The whole world stopped when he would get on plane from the end of the 6 mile zone and headed towards the Bay.

And anyway, how many of us really, down inside have the cubes to drive a boat over 100MPH? I bet the majority of the peoiple on here don't even drive their cars that fast.

And for me, my enjoyment comes from running on the river, looking for guys with sleds, and thinking...they plunked down 4-5 times what I did, and I am running with them...of course then a cruiser comes by, I slow down, and they run righ through, those rotten bastages
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

A 125mph 39' cat cost less than half to rig and maintain as a 125mph V bottom.
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Old 06-22-2004, 11:55 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Quote: "My family loves them and it's a great way for me to learn how to drive a performance boat in the slop. I'm usually conservative and poker runs show me what the boat can do. "

This is the problem!! Poker runs are not where you should be learning to drive in the slop with your family on board. Think about this..... you misjudge a wake or get slapped around and eject a person from your boat, guess what is coming up behind you...... about 50 inexperienced ego maniacs trying to get to the front. Add to that the fact that usually poker runners are not wearing the appropriate vests or safety gear and you have a tragedy waiting to happen. I love running hard and I love performance boating but I am pretty sick of the "Poser Run" scene and the reckless driving that seems to accompany them. If you think you have skills then sign up for P class and learn. Sure is funny that the guys that run hardest at "Poker Races" wont even consider racing in controlled conditions with the correct safety protocols in place.........
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