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F350 your thoughts??

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Are any of you guys having rear end problems I mean on the dually, when fluid is cold and turning.

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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??/Jassman

Originally Posted by Red 230sx
Any mechanical problems with the Fords you have owned? Someone told me the transmissions don't last if you do a lot of towing???

Red 230sx, My boat and trailer weigh about 10k and the utility trailer i tow weighs around 6-7k depending what i'm hauling and i never had any transmission issues. However, mine is just a personal vehicle so i don't tow with it on a daily basis, some of the people here that use them for their businesses may be able to give you a more reliable answer. I did have to replace the cam sensor and the mechanical fuel pump on the motor once but they were both pretty easy to do yourself if you have any kind of mechanical ability.
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

The rear end problems on the Ford dually's are do to a bad clutch pack, mine was just replaced and works great now, but it took Ford 6 times coming in and giving me a new rear end 3 times when I kept explaining the issue. Jeff

The other issue is the tranny, it is not as strong as the Allison, but I like the truck better overall, the 05 will have alot of these issue's straightened out, at least thats what was told to me at the Vegas show when I previewed the new F250-F350's. I ordered a 05 350 dually yesterday. Jeff
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

I've got an 02 single wheel f350 supercab 4x4. My boat wheighs about 9500# the other trailers and implments I tow weigh up to 20k# Handles avery thing fine. 87,000 miles and not a single problem. I added a K&N air filter and Amzoil in the engine. Change the filter every 5000 miles and the oil every 15000.
I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

Red, If that truck was serviced regular , it should last you a LONG time !
I have had several ford trucks from every year since 1984. (almost all diesels) . We have never had any real trouble with any of them . All automatics will have there issues at some point . I prefer manual trans . I have many customers that have over 250k miles and no problems . And most of those people are coming in for performance up grades ! I have had about 3 people with around 400k-450k miles, and one with 520,000 miles !!!! The onl;y thing done to these trucks was a couple rear end rebuilds, and a couple trans rebuilds ........ NOTHING on the engines ...
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

BY the way , I have towed as much as 25,000 lbs with one of my F350's . (not including the trucks weight )..
I also pull my 39' express cat ,thats almost 12' wide and close to 20k lbs with trailer and junk, behind my SINGLE wheel F350 and set the cruise at 70-80 mph !
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

I have a 2003 f350 dually with the 7.3 and i love it. It has 27,600 miles on it and runs great. Me and Sydwayz just took it to loto and towed a 37 active thunder back at 80mph most of the way and still had more power to go. I would buy another one anytime.
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

Traded off my 2000 F350 4x4 crew cab with 50,000 miles on it,,no mechanical problems whatsoever. As for as transmission problems Ford warns you DO NOT TOW IN OVERDRIVE, and they mean it, a friend already made that costly mistake. Just purchased a new 04 F250 crew cab 4x4 with the new 6.0 deisel and the new transmission in it and I love it, makes me want to throw rocks at my old 7.3 in the 2000. I'm pulling app. 9,000 lbs and it doesn't even know its back there.
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Red 230sx
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Re: F350 your thoughts??

Thank you to everyone for your replys and input. Here is an example of why this is such a great forum....
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Red 230sx
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Default Re: F350 your thoughts??

Thanks everyone!!!
We bought the 2001 f350 4x4 Lariat last weekend. Pulled our car trailer with a 6000 PU on it like it was not even there.
Thanks again everyone!!!
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