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Martin Marine

Old 07-15-2004, 10:26 AM
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Default Martin Marine

lets talk about this again. i find it funny that a topic worth talking about gets locked up. it would be nice to get some facts from the people from cigarette as to why martin marine would be done. we all know the history behind martin marine, why would the first dealer, the dealer that has bailed cigarette themselves out of financial problems, all of a sudden be done.

i dont own a race team, i dont have an agenda againset any of the two parties, im just a lover of the sport. i have dreamed of owning a cigarette since i was a young punk. thats im not dragging anyones name into this, thats right im not name dropping.. just want some answers.

Why is Martin Marine no more. very simple, and plese steve, do not poof this thread. this is worth talking bout, and lets let the truth be known.
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Default Re: Martin Marine

Why don't you call them. You aren't going to get a real answer on here. It would be pointless for either party to post their private business dealings on a public website.
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Default Re: Martin Marine


now there is a way to approach a question. We have no problem with your post.
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Old 07-15-2004, 11:04 AM
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Default Re: Martin Marine

I can only speculate that Martin was probably pushed to floor plan a large number of boats and they werent willing to do it. Alot of people dont understand that floor planning means that the dealership owns the boat not the manufacturer. So if Martin Marine has to purchase 30 units to maintain dealer status that means some pretty fat payments, even with 90 day incentives. If you look at dealers like National with millions in boats sitting on lots I think you would find that they are just barely making it after paying costs. Maybe Martin doesnt want to be in that position. Cant say I blame them. Both of my Cigs are Martin Marine products from the factory to Martin to me (or something like that). I am going to change the logo from the "World Champion Cigarette Racing Team" to the "Martin Offshore World Championship Racing Team" because lord knows the factory has strayed far away from what made this brand great...... It was Aranow beaten and battered after long races that the team won, not sequined t-shirts and heroin chic models at poker runs. Ahh, forget it...........
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Old 07-15-2004, 11:51 AM
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Default Re: Martin Marine

I agree, a company should not be named "_____ Racing Team" when the company has nothing to do with nor even is associated with RACING. I am affraid that Cigarette's immage is going to tarnish in the next couple of years. I mean come on, SEQUINED t-shirts, that is not the image that I would want to portray. Winning back to back World Championships, that is something to be proud of and would get even more people in the market that want a race prooven boat. Don't let the company become a part of history, let it continue to write it.
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Default Re: Martin Marine

What made Cigarette is one thing, staying in business is another.

I am sure they need to have larger dealers to move units and cover costs and try to make money. Martin can be the greatest place to get a boat, but if they only sell one here and there, then what is Cig supposed to do, tie up the entire territory? Unfortunately, that image that some would like to "HOLD ON TOO" may not make smart business sense with todays high costs. So, it is t-shirts and pretty boats to keep the bills paid!
Just a thought!

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Default Re: Martin Marine

I am sure if you want a Cig and call Martin, they will get you one. BFD if they don't have inventory, they rig a great boat, have great customer service and client relations. So I don't see this as some big dramatic occurrence by not having 3 boats per year in inventory. When you buy a custom Cig, you go to the company that does the best fallow up work. So I think Martin will be involved with Cigarette (Maybe not directly) for a long time.
As for sequined least they aren't jagged gold chains! LOL!
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Default Re: Martin Marine

well, maybe i worded it wrong. i was looking toward more what you guys thought, and if anyone was as mad as i was. im not here to say anything negative about national marine, im just here to stick up for my people. its funny how business works these days, lets lay off all the little people, the people that make us money and keep all the suits that take a little more than they deserve. lets cut the legs out from under the people that made us what we are today.

i know we will get no true answers from cigarette, but its the people that make skip and neil money not the dealers. you piss the people off, well you will join the rest of the cigarette wannabes. we all know, with all the money they have dumped into cigarette, they are deep in the red. its does not take much to get a little a head of themselves, and poof the're gone. just like the rest of them. one thing i do know, martin marine, lip ship, and ones like them will be around a lot longer than the newbies. these guys have been through the good the bad and the very bad. so my support, will be there. thanks martin marine....... dave stecz
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Default Re: Martin Marine

I think there are more dealers selling cig now than ever before in that area of florida, perhaps Martin Marine was happier when they were just one of a few select exclusive dealers, (which they certainly were..known worldwide) ...i'm sure the game has changed now that the flood gates have opened. not saying good or bad , just may be there preference, perhaps they are going to get behind Craig and move some dragons???
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Default Re: Martin Marine


See bud I wasn't posting a rumor! The Martins are great people and Tres is one awesome rigger. They'll survive and prosper - BH


Me and you see eye to eye man. I'll be in Daytona soon - BH
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