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32 Skater?

Old 08-05-2004, 10:48 PM
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

I looked into this exact set up. The skater website says a 32 with twin 300 OB's will be 100+ mph. thats fast enough for me now and alot cheaper then 6's and 800 hp per side. plus twins are cheaper and easier then trips. wouldnt the center OB take a lot of abuse on a trip setup?
If i dont get the cig im bidding on, i may fall back to the 32 with OB's. I like the new style with canopies. Anyone know how much this wold cost?

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Old 08-05-2004, 10:50 PM
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Talking Re: 32 Skater?

try to find an older 32a should be able to find. I dont believe that there is such a beast. A skater that doesnt run 100 or more. try a 24 or 28 they run just as well
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Old 08-05-2004, 11:29 PM
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

A Skater that runs 85...kinda like a bean bag shot gun or a rubber knife
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Old 08-06-2004, 12:41 AM
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

The older 32 A is slower with inboard power over the 32 B and for some reason the older 32 A runs better with outboards.

Now if you were to run inboards, the application if far easier with the new 32 B over the older 32 A as there vastly more engine room in the newer 32 B.
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Old 08-06-2004, 06:37 AM
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

Im thinking of doing the same thing. Where I have my beach house "Galveston" the water is shallow and I need the drives
to come out of the water completely.

Ive been informed the middle outboard adds very little top
end speed, and it takes a huge beating.

300+ Verado's would make a really nice package, I think its coming
we just have to wait a little while.

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Old 08-06-2004, 07:19 AM
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

a 32 skater with twin 500 HP motors will run a 100, no need for big HP for the speed you want. Keep in mind outboards like fuel.

I have a friend with a 29 DCB with tripple OB 300's (brand new), another friend with a 32 Skater with 1000 HP each twins. The DCB uses almost double the fuel and runs 40 mph slower.
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

Double the fuel sounds a little high. Take the 3rd 300x off the back he may lose 2 or 3 mph tops, and drop the fuel by 1/3.

You also have to look at the cost of ownership, 300x 5ry warranty available priceless.

1000 HP, rebuild every year about 7k per motor.

Propellers, 5k each vs 500 each, for those of us who are not perfect.

Just comments, I like the sound of the big blocks, but love the no hassle
of the bolt ons, if it starts and waters spitting out the back Im good to

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Default Re: 32 Skater?

Can you get a 5 year Mercury warranty on a 300x. I thought it was just one year. Please confirm.
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

Originally Posted by Jesse James
I have owned a 28 Skater @ the lake and if you only want to take 2 people they are great......The back seat is no place for a passenger the boat will run 80 - 85 through anything the lake has to offer.....if you doubt me I can arrange a ride for you.....

I have been going down for over 25 years I am very familar with conditions I also have a home @ the 13.5 mm.

I personally would not buy a 32 classic over a 28.

I kept my 28 at Big thunder and could run all weekend on 70 gallons.....keep in mind that the lake gets pretty small when you start covering it at 85mph with an ocassional 95 romp.

If I could buy right now I would go with the 30 AMT in the classifieds and try to make a good deal....the bang for the buck on either the 28 skater or the 30 amt is unbeatable........I have wasted over 200k just to say I wish I would have just re-powered my 28
thanks Shane. thats exactly the kind of info im trying to find out.
as far as arranging a ride. im not ready to make a move yet so i dont want to waste anyones time but THANKYOU!
im still enjoying the Apache tremendously , however the natural progression to my addiction called boating will eventually lead me to a cat and more expense uggggg
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Default Re: 32 Skater?

I currently have a 1998 32' Classic with (2) 2001, 300x's. Runs between 95 and 100+ depending on how much fuel and people are on board. The fuel use is pretty good, at cruise about 40 gallons per hour, but you will go 75 miles on 40 or so Gallons. This boat eats up rough water. Peter designed these boats to win when "Pro-stock" was a very competitive class. I had a 28' Skater before this 32', the 28 is quite a bit faster with the same power, I miss the 15 or so MPH, but when the water gets big the higher tunnel and freeboard makes this boat a blast. Insurance is around $4000. per year.

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