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Who's right

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Default Re: Who's right

If there are docks on the outside or near a ramp I tie up there, I never tie up and block a ramp. I tie up get the truck and get in line, or drop someone of and circle around. I think you were wrong
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Default Re: Who's right

I agree 100% with MnFastBoat, the next trailer in line has right of way.
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Default Re: Who's right

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Default Re: Who's right

Originally Posted by Chase910
I agree 100% with MnFastBoat, the next trailer in line has right of way.
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Default Re: Who's right

Not sure if their is a right or wrong. We trailer boat all over. It is whatever the practice at that ramp. In So MD. Everyone parks their boat on the pier at the ramp and then walks to get their trailer, its just the way its done their. When we go to Calvert Co. at the public ramp at the Benidict bridge. Its done the way that some of the others have said you park, and get you trailer and get in line and leave the ramp open for who ever is next.
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Default Re: Who's right

The Marina I used to use all the time only had on ramp and was very, very busy on the weekends. They helped organize the who goes next problem by having the person that was collecting the launch fee direct traffic on a first come first serve basis.
Boiled down to get in line with your tow vehicle(launching or retrieving) when it was your turn you went. If there was someone in the way at the pier they had to move.
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Default Re: Who's right

I have been to ramps that people know what is going on and otheres were they do not. As has been said it seems to change from place to place.

Essex Ma: When you come in the river is narrow. You have to come in and waite your turn. First boat in is the first one out. Most people there seem to have a clue and they get their boats in and out fairly quickly.

Boston/Hull area. This ramp is a nightmare on the evenings durring the weekend. There will be 15-20 boats lined up and a short dock. People can take 15 min easy to get their boats on. When I go there thank GOD I have a freind that drives my truck over for me. He just looks for the guy to pull out then he drives right in. I drive past everyone and up the trailer and we are gone as people yell and swear at us. There is just no way I am waiting up to 3 hours to pull out my boat!!! It is amazing however that in two min the boat is loaded and we are up the ramp and the screaming stops. I think they realize that if they all were like that then it would never happen. I am still waiting for the time that I miss and screw up and I am the laughing stock of the entire place

NY was a nightmare also. People would keep cutting in front of my. I was trying to leave some people room and one after another the small boats would cut in. I had no choice but to toss my keys to a friend on shore and have them just back in.

Some times you just have to be a "jerk" or else you will never get home. I try and waite my turn but if I did all the time I would never get home. If people were a little faster at the ramps it would not be such a issue.

In this case I think that the guy that had his truck up at the top should have been able to go in front of you. He was probably trying to be quick and tie up there so he was out of everyones way, then walk up to get his truck and then back down and get his boat on. I think you were wrong on this one sorry. Buy him a beer next time you see him

Put your best foot forward!
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Default Re: Who's right

What Madcow and Mnboat says is not always possible. We trailer everywhere also. First off my husband is the ONLY one that docks our boat, we do not know to many people (that do not have their own boat) that we would feel comfortable moving our 43' around, especially by a busy ramp Secondly it is often just the two of us loading and unloading, and sorry but I don't feel comfortable backing a 43' around a busy parking lot.

Therefore our situation is often the same as the thread starter. What we do before pulling to the dock is see if anyone is hanging in the water around the ramp and then we always ask if they are waiting. If no one says they are, we go to the dock and then tie a line and Ian hurries to get the trailer. If someone is tied to another dock, then we would assume they would be loading from that dock, of course if they were tied to a wall we would hope they would speak up as we were getting ready to approach the dock, after all we are not mind readers. What we do is very common, most people around our area tie their boats and then get their trailer. Unless someone takes tons of times and stands around yacking no one seems to mind, but then where just good friendly folk here in the Midwest
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Default Re: Who's right

Originally Posted by mjmbodine
I was coming into the ramp and waited for the boat in front of me to load up then I pulled up and got out to get the trailer while the wife holds the boat. There was three vehicles with trailers in line so I passed them to retrieve my boat. Mine was at the front of the ramp. This guy said I jumped in front of him.I asked where was his boat he replied tied off on the other side of the ramp. I told him that my boat was first in line that I had to retrieve mine or nobody gets out. So who's right? If you have a boat tied to the opposite side of the ramp do I need to ask if they are loading or tied up to go get ice, snacks spending the night, or what ever. I thought it's always been the next boat ready to pull out not the next tow vehicle in line.
I think I am just getting this, were all the trailers on land empty, if so then why would the guy be tied somewhere else and not ready to get moving into position. Also if that was us we would have been looking around saying where is the boat for this trailer? Sounds like a big lack of communication; one guy was ready and the other one did not take much time to look around to see if anyone was there first. It does show you how things are done differently in different areas, the reason I was not clear on this post is because it seems like the only way I have ever seen it done, is to park you boat by the dock and then get the trailer.
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Default Re: Who's right

mjm; did you have any trouble with the ramp? My trailer fell off the end, and I had a pretty close call. There was what I found out later to be literally a hole at the end of the ramp. I had to pull clay out of my taillights. (Farthest north ramp.)

I normally float my boat onto the trailer, as I am retrieving pretty much by myself. At Leesylvania and Occoquan, I will take a spot inside the ramp, and go get my truck/trailer.

I will not be using Leesylvania again anytime in the foreseable future.

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