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Default Re: B.u.i.?

Originally Posted by Formula Outlaw
In Florida, if you have holes in your socks they take your driver's license. It's friggin unbelievable. Everything from deadbeat dads/moms, dui's, bounced checks, and the list goes on.
The sad thing is all this does is create a situation with people who are now driving without insurance because they can't get it since they don't have a license. Suspended license people still drive...I have seen it all too often.
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Default Re: B.u.i.?

I can tell you I was once a 0.03 and they still pressed charges. I beat them in court. but the Judge told me they can still prosecute with a 0.05. what a pain in the ass it was
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Default Re: B.u.i.?

DUI and BUI: Crimes that you are determined to be guilty immediately.

The only purpose of the court appearance is to determine the punishment based on previous experience and the amount you have spent on your attorney.

Speeding and DUI's have both become excellent revenue streams for the court systems and attorneys. The entire legal system has turned into a monstrous "business" like the rest of the government.

Source of Quote Unkown: "I know they say you shouldn't drink and drive but I have been practicing and getting damn good at it!".
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Default Re: B.u.i.?

Expresscat39, you hit that right on. As soon as the governments figured out what a golden goose prosecuting DUIs were, it became their biggest cash cow. I am not advocating drinking and driving here BUT, there are a chit load of people who can operate a vehicle much more safely at a 1.2 than some of the "bluehairs" down here all doped up on their medications. And that is NO joke either.

We have allowed our government to evolve into this giant ever consuming entity that requires more and more to feed, and it feeds on our wallets.

My political philsophy is simple: if it costs me money I'm NOT for it. I spend more money in taxes and insurances than EVERYTHING else combined by four times. It's depressing. We all work our azzes off so Mr. FAT CAT politician gets the best health care on the planet and WE PAY FOR IT.

Organized crime has NOTHING on politics.
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Default Re: B.u.i.?

I think if you get any kind of DUI offense in any state. You are required to notify the FAA within a certain time period, if you have a pilots license. If you earn a living with a pilots license that's not a good thing. Doug
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