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How is this for a weekend?

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Default How is this for a weekend?

CLIFF NOTE VERSION: boat racing, boobs, boating, boobs, boating and more boobs, OSO rules

Where in the world to begin.?.? I towed a batboat down to Deerfield beach for Chris reindl last Tuesday for the race cause it had to be at a sponsor on wed. night. This was my first Nat. race and really wasn't sure how the people would be. I have been to a few of the smaller races and have met the swipes guys,hidden agenda, JBS racing(audasity)(also way cool) and knew they were all really cool.. SO..I was walking through the pits on Friday afternoon as David Scott was pulling out of his pits in his golf cart and stopped to say hi.. WTF? he is saying hi to me? I am noone there.. I asked where "kilokat" has been.. he asked who I was on OSO and I told him, I got the usual laugh and eye roll then asked if I wanted to go check out his 46' in the wash thing I know I am sitting in the bacarti silver boat and getting the full tour and we are just sitting there BSing like a buddy I met on the street.. VERY cool down to earth guy. UNREAL!!! EVERYONE therewas so cool and easy to talk to. I come from a pretty big dragracing back ground (ran federal mogal dragster) and alot of the "big boys" are real *******s and arrogant. Nothing even remotely close there... That night got alittle crazy.. went to the racer party at solid gold till about 1am, then we headed to the love muscle party at the voodoo lounge. After a while there my ride was getting ready to split and as we got back into the truck one of the girls said OSO Steve (offshoreonly) just walked in. I wanted to meet this guy so I asked if we could go back in.. the girls wanted to but the guys didn't, so we jumped out and figured we would sort out a ride later.. someone pointed me out to him and I said Hi, next thing I know there are a lot more shots.. talking, then some pizza or something, riding in his car to a friends house, more fuzziness in my brain and then more drinks.. Then something came up and he had to bail and we went off clubbing more till 9am.. then on Saturday I gave him a ring to think him for showing us around a bit and he asked what I was up to... I said I am wide open.. asked if I had a car there and I told him it had to stay with the boat.. "no problem, I have to pick up the boat a Lip-ship , I can pick you up if you wanna go for a ride".. HELL YEA I WANNA GO.. so he drove all the way up to pick me up (about a total of an hour out of his way).. we get to the boat and get it in, took off down the canal and realized a motor was in guardian mode.. back to lip-ship. messed with it for a bit and had to give up as it was getting dark and noone was around.. so we got dropped off there and had to catch a cab back to his house.. so we walk over to this little bar and call a cab.. that's when "Ron" the cabbie that hangs out with the worst drug dealer, and murders in Florida shows up.. a 44 year veteran of NYC cabbies. This guy claims he can "knock the ladies molars out with is fore arm size unit"LMFAO.Steve then offers for me to stay at his house and to ride on the pace boat in the AM. so we get to Lip-ship in the morning and there are people swarming around like a swarm of hornets on the Cig to get it running. On a Sunday.. that is nuts the kind of service they have there. By the time the boat was fixed and fueled the 2nd race had started and we seem to have taken a wrong turn and wound up at this Columbus Day regatta. All I can say about that, marti gras looks like Sunday school! They estimate 5000-7000 boats. I have never seen more mega yachts, offshore or boobies in 1 place. INCREDIBLE! He showed me a lot of what goes into making OSO here for us. the amount of work, time and money is 500X more than I ever imagined. I have to admit I to have sometimes wondered why we pay for this site when others are free. well it is simple, you pay for what you get. Why should someone sit and work on the site full time till 3am for nothing? and spend tens of thousands of dollars of their own money for nothing? To me $20 is by far the best boating expense I have ever paid. If you have never met Steve and Samantha make an effort to. They are the most laid back all around great people. I wanted to thank them again for everything they did for me this weekend. Steve gave me the most VIP weekend and best weekend I have ever had, why did he do that??? He is just that way. Call it sucking up if you want but that is not the case, he was just the coolest and owning OSO has nothing to do with it

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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

. . . . like i said . . . .Packinair sux!!!! . . . . . i had to work on my boat that weekend
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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

Sounds like an awesome weekend...the pics sure are
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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?


Good for you glad to hear about the great time.
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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

Scott you sure do know how to fall into **** and come out smellin like a rose. Sounds like ya had a great time......and looks like it.
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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

Packin', We have met up with Steve at a few events and every time he has been a blast to hang out with. Hangin' out in the "Shaggin' Wagon" in Kent Narrows, Getting out of the freezing weather in Orange Beach last year!! And Go Karts in Orange Beach along with Samantha , Manatee (Gino Maronne), Danger Kitty & Kitten (Glenn and Charlene Wilson), Bob Powell, Bay Princess (Gail Abel) and everyones favorite Catmando!!! I've been on the other free sites and they just don't compare!! Looking forward to Key West!!

Here is a story for ya.....I was at a hot spot on the Chesapeake Bay called Jellyfish Joels. I was on my way out of a huge raftup, my wife was on the bow getting the lines when this guy fired up his outboards and covered my boat with smoke. To make a long story short (as I can) I bought this event up on OSO venting my anger with this guy. Within a week I got an apology from this guy......this was 3 years ago. The guy is Bob Powell (real and screen name) we became friends and his significant other and my wife are good friends.

All in All....This board Rules!!! (I'm 40 years old and I'm talking like that!!!! WTF!!!
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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

I only count two sets of boobies where are the rest. Please post them in the adult section.
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Default Re: How is this for a weekend?

Sounds like you had a grand ole time. Good to hear it. Nice pics!
A weekend at the races and the parties are always a blast!
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