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I really need the boards help!

Old 11-03-2004, 10:22 PM
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Default I really need the boards help!

About two months ago I lost my job. The market absolutely sucks and I havn't been able to be reemployed. I'm sending out the resumes, but often I'm over qualified or they loose interest when I admit that I'm currently unemployed. I was hoping to hear a day or two ago on a position that I was interviewed for, but no call, so I have to assume that I didn't get it. Things are looking worse. My wife has had her hours cut to less than full time. Now her office has hired another body which doesn't make any sense. There isn't enough for her to do right now, so why would they hire a new person? It's because he's cheap. Really, really cheap. It's our belief that the ax is going to fall for her too. I've had my boat for sale for a while now, and things are getting desperate. We are in the red and our savings will run out before the new year. At that point we will no longer be able to pay our bills. This is assuming that she doesn't loose her job. If that happens we'll be broke in a matter of weeks.

Guys, here's the deal. I must have some significant work and the boat has to go. Me finding some side work would help things out, but it's only a temporary solution. I'm game to do most any work on boats. Pulling engines, drives, rigging, gauges, etc. I think that I can do a pretty good job, but please let some other members speak for my work. They've seen my boat. I rigged it myself over a year. That was a couple of years ago and it was my first rig job. If somebody has a business and they can offer me some employment, I'm game. I'd work for pretty cheap, assuming I can stay unemployed...if you know what I mean. Not free, but well below market average. Please don't forget that I need the money-not the work. At this point, I'm really open to any offers. I'd take a full time job, with the understanding that I may need time off for interviews, etc. For the right offer, I'd consider traveling.

Regarding the boat, it really has to go. We are so far behind the 8 ball, that it's going to take us a while to get back on top. Not having the payment would really help things out in that regard. Now, I built the boat two years ago for almost 50k. I have a lot of hours into it and I'm not asking to be paid for them. I just want to get my money back out of it. I think that my asking price is a good one, but I've had no interest, so things may need to be adjusted. I just need to get enough money to pay off the loan. It's bull to have to sell the boat for that little, but I'd rather do that than fall behind. If any member can sell this boat for me, I'll cut them a very generous check. The amount depends on how much it sells for. If a member is a position where they can just buy my boat, that too would be grand.

I'd not not one to beg, but in light of the situation, I am.
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Old 11-03-2004, 10:29 PM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

I can vouch for Tim's rigging work. The dash of his boat is top notch. The engine compartment is clean and everything is well run.

Tim is an Architect, so if any of you need any help with this kind of work, he's your man. I've personally seen several buildings he's designed... NICE work!

Mike Ozinga
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

I feel your pain buddy..
I've been in the same "boat" until recently. I just got back to work but it'll be another week before I get my pay check.
I've done some side work...and been shafted on that as well.... So be careful with who you deal with...and don't be afraid to ask for part up front.

I still need to sell my boat so I can reorganize and get back on top. I don't want to sell it, but it is the right thing to do..

Best of luck to you.
Oh, and somebody buy my boat!
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Tim Gallagher
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Old 11-03-2004, 10:51 PM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

Cord, this is not likely what you want to hear, but where are they building Thousands of new buildings at a crack? Yep, China.

I knew an architect who left North America because there are many architects and not enough new buildings. Opposite situation in China.

Might be worth a look. Who knows maybe large builders over there would work with you over the internet?
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Old 11-03-2004, 11:07 PM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

Tim , sorry to here about your situation
the company i work for is doing the same thing that your wife is going thru.
part time = no benefits to pay for. mainly health insurance.
they hire temps and cant understand why quality/productivity go to ****
hopefully with the election over , things will get better.
i wish we lived closer together as i have a few things ide like to do to my boat that im sure would be a cake walk for you.
ill pass your boat info to anyone i know thats shopping.

hang tough!
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Old 11-03-2004, 11:15 PM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

Tim, get into the Mortgage business, it is easy to get in, hard to master but time will cover that, you can get by on little knowledge while you learn. Some kind of sales would be a good choice. My brother in law sells beds and makes good money. My job is straight commission but you can find a split like a 30k base plus commission. It's a thought. I have been doing it for 20 yrs.
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Old 11-03-2004, 11:28 PM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

Fred-thanks for the offer! A couple of months ago you offered the shop space for some boats that were for sale. I seriously thought about it, but it's so far to go...I'll get that info e-mail to you right away.

Mitch-I've actually applied for one sales position. It was for some high end residental cabinets. Really high end stuff. I even got an interview. The problem is that I'm an architect coming from a commercial field. They think that I was making 100k a year and that I'm going to leave as soon as possible. From what I've seen it's just as hard to make a career switch as it is to find a job in my field.

Steve-if you care to, shoot me an e-mail. My dad lives in Arkansas and he'll be coming up in a couple of weeks. Maybe there is a way...

CBR-you bring up that C word. China is directly responsible for much of the inflation in the building industry. They have been undercutting our market for years and now are forming a vacuum for raw materials. I honestly believe that they may be at war with us. Not a gun war, but a trade war. We are such a sloth to react that it'll be to late by the time we do.

Thanks for the kind words Mike!
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Old 11-04-2004, 12:32 AM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!


Wish you could justify moving down here. I am looking for someone with a head on their shoulders for my new shop. I need someone that can take over my spray duties on the bedliners. Someone I can trust.

If ANYONE has anything at all for Tim please throw him a bone. I know for a fact that Tim and D are not ones to wastefully spend money and not plan ahead in life. Their situation is not due to excessive lifestyle. They are both great people that deserve the best if not more. I've seen them go to bat for other's in this situation. I only wish they were closer to me so I could do more.

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Old 11-04-2004, 08:01 AM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

Tim get to work on my house plans will ya That is a start I guess. Other then that I know nothing about the market near you but you can always make HUGE money running wires in peoples houses. Electricians and stereo shops are always looking for good quality minded guys. No license needed more then likely to pull stereo wires in your area. Find a development and tell them that you will prewire the houses for them. If you want more info on that give me a call.
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Old 11-04-2004, 09:11 AM
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Default Re: I really need the boards help!

Cord... my wife is well connected in the Chicago commercial real estate market. Not sure if she can help, but worth a try. PM your resume and I can make sure she passes it on.

PS. I grew up in Mequon... small world.

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