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Bad Experience!!!

Old 11-10-2004, 10:41 AM
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

No, I don't think he should have access to the Bad Business section.
I think General is where it needs to be. Then it can be determined (exactly as the board seems to be doing) whether he is a griper or if he has a real case. Appears that he has a real case. Sort of.

If he bought used headers to start with, it is up to the BUYER to pressure test them, etc. Not the seller. If they were NEW headers, it is entirely a different story.

I'm glad his story (from another board) was posted here, but wonder why he didn't start off with a timeline and details...
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Old 11-10-2004, 11:10 AM
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

Originally Posted by Strip Poker 388

Reed I thought the same thing
Roflmao........... yeah.... I heard some funny things about our mutual friend last night.......
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

Originally Posted by Reed Jensen
Roflmao........... yeah.... I heard some funny things about our mutual friend last night.......

Reed Up date me Pm me

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Old 11-10-2004, 08:18 PM
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

To everyone who read this and replied...I apologize. I was angry and thats how it goes. I am a poor slob that can't afford to pay for a membership...all my money is in my pipe dream of a boat that will most likely never run again. Basically, I got the buck passed to me on bad headers, chased my tail and ruined two motors, got the run around, bought new and got the run around for over a month, because my headers were sold to somone who bought two motors...guess I sould have spent more money, at least I'd hear back. I've called this guy dozens of times, e-mail as well, and it does now good. I have yeat to even hear back from him after cancelling the order. The headers were bought last July, and stored until this August, because I was paying for the boat build as I went, and that was slow. I ran the boat twice for about an hour and had both motors severely hydrolock because the headers are junk so bad they are unrepairable(per CMI) I was told too bad for a bunch of weak reasons...none of which were even close to ok, and decided after awhile that he'd make good on it with a good deal on new. He was thew one who worked thisout. After buying them, I get this run around, no answers, etc. so I'm pissed and letting people know. For the record, there isn't A DAMN THING I haven't tried to be good about, and I feel like a real jackass for that...I guess when you get too big, you can have this kind of attitude. The new headers were bought and paid for and were supposedly in stock, then they weren't (see motors) over a month later and he hasen't even been decent enough to try to see if there is somthing he can do. The killer of all this is, they came in yesterday afternoon, to the wrong address...and I don't feel one bit better. I was thinking about keeping the charges in dispute, and telling him come and get them yourself, but I just want this whole thing done. He doens't seem like a bad guy, but he SUCKS as a business man. I've been treated with nothing but kindness and respect by every one I have met/talked to/dealt with/bought from the last LONG TWO YEARS...and yeah, I'll get over it, but things like this need to be told, so some other poor bastard may go left where I went right. Thanks for the patience, and Expect some lame excuses, etc from him, but remember, I am NOT A LIAR or an anfair person at all. Take it all for what its worth and decide on your own.
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Old 11-10-2004, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

That sucks man. All you can do is look ahead, and not let the past eat you up. (Easy for me to say). You brought your problem to the right place now that we know what happened.
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Old 11-10-2004, 08:34 PM
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

Just curious...did you pay with a credit card? I think if you complain to the credit card company (regarding the potential fraud - you have to call it that, once they investigate it, they will determine if they will call it that) they will investigate it.

Can someone more knowledgable help on this point (if he paid with a CC)?
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

Sorry, a few more small things...the split top headers were sold "fully pressure checked and look good". I pressure checked them too, and yeah, they were good...but JB weld doesn't work very well for repairs on this stuff. The tops and bottoms were welded, so noone could see the cheese repair job to pass them off. NOW MIND YOU, I DID NOT acuse them of this, merely told them what happened, and I was told, they wouldn't warranty them AT ALL because they were bought last year. Then I was told that if I had them checked and they turned out bad, they would have??? What the difference was I don't see, but what ever. I HAD THEM CHECKED BY CMI. Thats who found the repair. This is all splitting hairs, and it can go back and forth, but I'm only explaining myself. I did not try to blame him for the motors...too bad for me, it was my bad luck, but when your in his position, and then I give you 4,300.00 business AGAIN on top of the other EVEN with the stuffing for the other headers, and then you jerk me around for over a month because you sold my headers to a bigger buyer, I feel alittle trashed.
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Old 11-10-2004, 11:12 PM
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Re: Bad Experience!!!

Originally Posted by tiufb
You must be a Monty Python fan. That's the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time!

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I am a fan!
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

Well now, that makes a bit more sense. Sorry bout your luck, you might want to try Fred at Trick Marine (
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Default Re: Bad Experience!!!

Dark: I am also some one that has to build my motors slow like you did. That sucks that they will not stand behind them. I bend over backwards for my customers to make sure that things are taken care of. Hell last week I even took a plasma in for repair for a customer that did not even buy the thing from me. He purchased it from the people that started the install with him. The plasma was out of warrantee but I made sure it was covered. It is just smart business as far as I am concerned. Sure I could have sold him a new plasma but in the long run I am guessing that I will sell him a lot more then that.
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