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Credit Cards

Old 12-19-2004, 06:56 PM
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Default Re: Credit Cards

I travel a lot and use credit cards frequently, personal and corporate. I use a Hilton honors credit card that gives me points towards hotel rewards. I have diamond status with Hilton which offers a lot of perks. I am about 4-5 months away from a free 7 night stay at the Wikiki Hilton resort in Hawaii
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Old 12-19-2004, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Credit Cards


I like the following about cards: They give you detailed statements, and you pay a month worth of transactions with one check. They give you buyer protection on lots of purchases. They can give you extended warranties on purchases. They give you free rental car insurance and air travel accident insurance. They keep you from having to carry a wad of cash. They give you 30 days to pay your purchases. They can also give you rewards.


Thats what Im talking about. I cut my check writing in half. I dont even write them a check anymore, I just get online and pay it as soon as it shows up. Very easy, and I havent run into any problems this way. I used to see people paying for gas on a credit card, and these are people with balances every month, so they are paying interest on gas! But, now since I pay the bill online, its easier to just pay at the pump. I have very little time during working hours to get to the bank for cash these days.

Thats for all that info!
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Default Re: Credit Cards

I use NWA - Worldperks... Lots of Air Miles I used to use my AMEX for everything but not everyone takes it. I pay everything with my NWA card:

Mortgage - Car Lease (s) - Grocerys - Gas - ON and ON and ON... then at the end of the month I go on-line and tranfer the money over! You get all of the benifits and still pay no interest
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Default Re: Credit Cards

amex... plus it is always due so you don't fall into the trap of letting it ride, it paid for my airfare to KW this year...
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Default Re: Credit Cards

Originally Posted by insptech
I got a card from Capitol One that pays you airline miles for every dollar and there is no annual fee-and you can use them on any airline. 9000 for a ticket.
I use a Capital One card also, but don't know of a ticket I can get for 9,000 miles. The miles are good on ANY airline and can be used for other stuff they have in a catalog. (electronics, car rentals, hotels,etc). We pay no annual fee. We use it for everything and pay it off every month. I will be going to Germany this summer and the tickets will be "free". I agree with you logic Teambaja, might as well get something if I'm going to be using the card anyway.
Russ C.
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Default Re: Credit Cards

I use a card that is tied to American Airlines. We use it for both of our businesses. It is a business card so we each get a yearly statement fo our purches. We average about 2 free 48 state plane tickets a year.
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Default Re: Credit Cards

Originally Posted by TEAMBAJA
Looks like most of you missed my point. The money is there. I just use the card instead of writing a bunch of checks. I havent paid one penny of interest on a credit card in years, and I never carry a balance. Since I use it the way I do, I thought maybe it could be earning me some kind of rewards.

I learned at a young age that credit cards will screw you if you arent careful. They are tough to pay off if you get them high enough.
Exactly, I use the card a lot HOWEVER every month it gets paid.
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Default Re: Credit Cards

I use the GM card more than any other. 5% cash back on a new GM vehicle. In 2000 my wife got an additional $1300 off a new Yukon and to date has $3000 credit toward something else new(and thinking ).
Gotta pay it off every month or you lose out to the interest . That way what you get back you truly get back
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Default Re: Credit Cards

I use AMEX only travel alot and buy alot never have an issues with them on a dispute have always taken my side.
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Default Re: Credit Cards

Here Team check out this site.
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