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Old 01-09-2005, 01:41 PM
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Default Re: Poll

Allan Eagles I vote for banishment!
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Default Re: Poll

Originally Posted by formulaz583
Agreed, at least on the deleting. There should be a time limit on how long you have to delete the 1st post and make the thread go away.
I don't think there is a way to do that but I know he can undelete it
Old 01-09-2005, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by lilldeauce
Scam? No scam, I sent out about 30 bottles of it and sent the persons check back with the bottle.. I wasn't screwing anyone, I never have.
You have 2 closed thread over on the Donzi site pertaining to this "speed wax" scam. Your posts include your testimonial that you got an honest 4 MPH just from using this Grizwald wax on the hull.

Does your High School have an Ethics class? Even if you have to wait until 11th grade to take it, you should.
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Default Re: Poll

"Grizwald wax"
Old 01-09-2005, 01:57 PM
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Default Re: Poll

I think it's lame and people here have long memories.

I'd file for another membership and username, then keep a very low profile for a very long time. Before jerking around a lot of VERY influential and respectable people over here.

I'm not laughing at all and that's usually what I do all day here.

BTW I'm not one of the people I mentioned above I'm just an idiot but at least I respect other people here.... unless there idiots also!

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Default Re: Poll

Originally Posted by lilldeauce
I have been laughing my a$$ of reading this thread.. There's no way you guys actually thought I was serious.
Actually yes, why not?? Unlike you, there are a LOT of guys on this board that have a LOT going for them in the form of integrity and wealth and several have Ferrias (sp?). So for those of us that did not know you were a bull sh$#er who has the nerve to think he funny's of course we believed you why shouldn't we. So do you really have the cash to buy the boat you had every one searching for.

I voted to ban you, cause I think you have no value here and even if your not you might as well stop posting cause we now all know you for who you are.
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Old 01-09-2005, 02:14 PM
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Default Re: Poll

This kind of things happens every few months and usually some guys straighten out some gratefully disappear....

klaaput/emil wind... or something of that nature...
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Default Re: Poll

From my standpoint, not sure what went on with the wax deal but if you took advantage and BS'd some OSO strike. Your dealership story was BS...strike two. Now if your revised position as not being a dealer but being the Sales Manager at a dealership is also BS, from my perspective I would say you blew all your chances. But that is not my decision to make
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Default Re: Poll

I don't think there was even a hint of anything comical or funny, nor do I believe you intended it to be either. And I don't even know what the WAX thing is about

I implore Steve (OSO Admin) to ban your F#$^&#$% a$$ from this forum at the very least So the only option you'll have is to logon as different personality and pay your memebership fee again ... if you would even desire to try and start over with a drastically changed attitude!

Your a joke I doubted your story about that yellow Fountain in ALA or TX or wherever you said it was ... something didn't sound kosher back then for me.

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Default Re: Poll

At the very least, we should develop an "AssClown" avatar and lock it onto his account for a period of time. No credibility until the assclown is gone... He DESERVES that much!
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