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Tire Kickers

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Default Re: Tire Kickers

Originally Posted by Edward R. Cozzi
Yes, but you must remember I was WORKING! Trying to sell a boat, make a commission and keep the bill collectors away.

We have no pleasant lake here, just 15 minutes of no-wake zone and the Atlantic Ocean.

I can keep you entertained for days with true stories like that. People are really funny sometimes.

Oh I know... been in sales for 12 years.... I got some good ones too. I used to show land by snowmobile.... I had one guy come in for his third tour looking at land and he had his own brand new helmet that he bought because the one I had didnt fit... needless to say I didnt take him out for the third time.....
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Default Re: Tire Kickers

He was looking at one of our trades that wasn't ready on the day I originally showed it to him. When we scheduled the demo ride there was no mention of anybody else coming but him. He showed up with the whole family, some friends of the kids, a cooler and water skis with a tow rope.
I told him that our insurance would never cover a demo ride under those conditions without a 10% deposit with a signed, binding contract.
Once that ball was in his court he admitted that he just wanted to take his family for a boat ride on their vacation and he really wasn't in the market.
At the time I had a 35' Lightning and I took them for a ride after-hours without the water skis and cooler. They still send me Christmas cards every year and have never bought a boat.
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Default Re: Tire Kickers

Originally Posted by offshoredrillin
When ever I'm buying something, I never throw out a price. I always ask the seller what is their bottom line. If that isnt what I have alloted to pay, I'll ask if that is the best they can do, it either is or isnt. Only then will I talk about my numbers, but I will first preface it with, I dont want to insult you, however this is what it is worth to me. Every one loves to save money and make money. If you have done your homework then you should know what you are willing to pay, and what the car/boat is worth.

That's the way I approach it also...nice post. There's no reason you have to be a jerk in the buying process. However, this thread is about buyers, but there are just as many sellers out there who waste buyers time.
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