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Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

Old 01-24-2005, 05:11 PM
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Default Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

OK here we go last monday one of my girl friends car was hit by a 17 yr. Cops come and write him a ticket and straight up say its his fault. Well my girl "Mary" makes the claim with his insurance Allstate and on thursday send an estimator to look at the car.

Well he says the car is repairable his estimate is $3700.00 for repairs, I went over the estmate and he left allot of stuff off, like a DOOR, Alignment, AC compressor, used all non honda parts............ and on. Anyway we feel the car is totaled since it is a 1999 Honda Civic front end collision torn up good and retail on the car is only 8K person to person 6K so by his own estimate it is already over half the value not to mention all the other stuff that can be wrong, also the front end it completely moved over a inch, he left that off the estimate but admitted he knew it to me on the phone.

SO moving forward what is the best route to take from here, hire an lawyer? Make a claim on Mary's insurance?? Take it in the ass??

Thanks for any help I will move this thread after a little time.

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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

Usually the body shop will look over a car before they start to get an "add order"
If they look it over and feel the car should be a total,the will usually convey that to the insurance carrier.
Just a suggestion
Seen The Light
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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

Our bodyshops here have to use OEM parts.
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Old 01-24-2005, 05:54 PM
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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE


Call me I manage a body shop and can fill in the details as to where to proceed.

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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

i've managed boby shops/ collision centers for 20 is notorious for leaving a lot off the estimate the first time around they never want to overite an estimate. they will wait until you move the car to a shop and negotiate with the shop or they will try to steer you to thier shop where they have leverage and control because the shop has be come thier ***** relying on allstates for drp work. drp ( direct repair program) allstate will send the weak shop a lot of work but the shop will have to play ball and allstate not you the car owner become the shops customer. allstate will want to put LKQ like kind and quality parts i.e. used parts but used sheet metal must be from the same year or newer car than yours. you do not have to accept after market ( crappy kerean/ chinese parts) as they have been proven to be sub standard. a/c compressor should be replaced with new oem but you will be charged betterment / depriciation on the difference. if car has 50k miles you pay 50% of the new part they pay labor. when they try this b/s ask the adjuster about how to file a diminished value claim for your honda as it will not be worth after repairs what it was before it got hit... the shop will want to fix the car decide for yourself if you do or don't want it totalled the lean on the shop or allstate to fix or total it. the fact that the front of the unibody is pushed over is no big deal a couple of hour to set it up and thier frame rack and a few hours pull time will take care of that. insist on a print out of the frame work any good quality shop these days shuold be able to print before and after dimensions also insist on a 4 wheel alignment get a print out of this as well then you will be sure the frame is repaired correctly. my shops have fixed a lot of hondas and i can tell you aftermarket sheetmaetal is sh*t the way it fits well made cars like handa and toyota...i pm'ed you with my phone call if you need addl. info in resolving this claim. if you want it totalled take it to a high end m benz dealer and autorize them to do a teardown and write a supplement for any and all addl damages add that amount to the original est to see how far you really are to total loss status. down time rental coverage etc. all fit in to the total of thier claim. plus if its close to a total a little hidden damage that could be discovered later may encourage the adjuster to write it off. good luck n let me know how it all plays out. ratman

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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

Hey Will. sorry to hear about your(her) bad luck, if you want give me a call and you can talk to Reba, she is a Sr.Claims Adjuster for Nationwide, she might be able to direct you the right direction.


Looking forward to the poker run, are you still having your pre-party?

You should come up and do the Richmond run...
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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

I had to deal with something like this 2 years ago. A non-english speaking kid with an outta state LEARNERS permit driving a "relatives" car hit me. I filed with my own Ins. co thinking I was going to take the hit. The truck was fixed to my liking. My Ins co eventually got their money back when they finally found the vehicle owner who could verify the driver didn't steal the car.
Good Luck.
Russ C.
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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

Originally Posted by dahkem1
You need to contact YOUR agent ASAP. to let him/her know. They will most times help you out. I had a pinto run a stop sign in front of my 71 Vette, and total the Vette. What her company wanted to give was less than the stated value that I had it insured for. My company (State Farm at the time) paid the claim and then went after her company, and got their money back, with no charge to me. With most claims, when you take it to the shop to get fixed, they will find all the things wrong. In your case, if they missed some things, the shop will tell them, and you will either get the total to fix it, or if its too high, they will then total the car.
I agree with dahkem1, call you insurance agent and they should take care of you. They will subrogate the claim back against AllState. No need for you to spend money on lawyers etc, at least not yet. If you insurance company will not provide that service for you, when this is over go find a new insurance compay. Many will do that. As dahkem says, State Farm will.
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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE

What state are you in??? Maybe some "lawyer" letters can free up the adjusters wallet!!!
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Default Re: Insurance claim help ALLSTATE


Thank for all the info and I will be following up tomarrow. I knew I could count on my OSO brothers to steer me right.

As for the car we really want it totaled, she doesn't feel safe in it anymore and I don't blame her. Plus it already has 96,000 miles on it, it is really only worth 7K maybe less. Just don't see the point in them being such jerks. I mean she didn't do this to them their client did it to her!!!!!!!

DHLAW I am in VA right now so it is VA court,

James, can't wait for summer this cold weather sucks.


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