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GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

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Default Re: GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

Originally Posted by Steet
You guys amaze me. I change my oil when I think about it. In my vehicles. I try to change it at 10,000 miles and the boat I try to change it at 50 to 60 hrs depending on usage. Oil does not break down. It will still lubricate. I have seen test done with no oil changes for 100,000 miles and just the filter and absolutely no difference than the ones changed every 3000 miles. you are wasting money and precious oil.
If oil is not contaminated by gas, as in blower engines, then changing the oil is of no value.

PS. My friend whom is a mechanic by trade, now has 361 hours on his boat and has never changed the oil. He put moble 1 oil in it when he bought it and has never changed it to date. It is a 2000 Ski Natique with a 350 and runs the crap out of it. He said he will never change it because he believes he can run it over 2000 hrs without changing it. I tend to agree
Oil will always lubricate, but at different tolerances as it wears out. Oil to me is cheap insurance, especially when you have a boat thats worth something. Besides, you are putting some of that wasted money back into the economy.
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Default Re: GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

We took delivery in June to pull the new girl. I treated her just as I did the twins... a very early oil change, I think I did it around 700 to get out any factory leftovers. We run the Shell Rotela as well. I roll this diesel to about the 35% mark for future changes.

9 months and 17,000 later I love the 2500HD / Allison setup.
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Default Re: GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

I use Shell Rotela synthetic in my diesels and gas engines. Wal-mart has it in gallons. Change it every 30 hours in the boat and 100 hours on everything else,cars truck tractor ect. I have a Hobbs on my car, I have found the way I drive 100 hours = aprox 3300 to 4000 miles. Doug
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Default Re: GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

I just got back from the local dealer...
They fit my truck right in and I was out of there in 30 min.
They spanked my credit card for $85.00.

They use "GM" 15-40.. He didn't know what oil it really was. They charged $3.50/qt x10 qt. filter was $12.50, labor $26.

Schiz- for $26 I'm not going to go to the store, buy the supplies, crawl under the truck, drink oil, and find a place to dispose of the used stuff...

I talked ot the "tech" that did the oil change.
He says they have an '03 D Max with over 400,000 that comes in about every three months for oil.
He says it varies, but they usually do the oil every 10,000 miles. He did say they went almost 20k once.
he says he can only remember doing the trans service three times. It's a landscape/excavator truck with a diesel tank in the bed and two skid loaders on a dually tag trailer.

They told me to just go by what the dash computer says for oil service..unless of course you're in dusty areas, or you use the truck to pull a real load every day.

Back in my NM days.. we had a '03 dually that pulled big boats nearly every day (I'm talking 46 Cigs on steel trailers). That poor truck had 60k on it last I saw... It NEVER got a trans service and only got two oil changes... Still ran and sounded like new.
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Default Re: GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

They made that external spin on trans filter an $8, five minute job to change for a reason. To each his own.

Mine's getting TranSyn D here shortly also.

As well as a fuel filter change. Got a nice metal bleed screw/drain tube kit from lubespecalist to avoid the diesel all over the frame scenario.

I can change my oil/filter 2 1/2 times for $85, that is if GM and my dealer ever stop sending me coupons for free ones! I've got NAPA/Wix Gold filters and gallons of Delo 400 on the shelf since day one...still haven't touched it.
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Default Re: GM DMax techs... First Service info please..

Rippem is right chang the spin on filter on the trans it filters the valve body oil take the magnet off the old one clean it and put it on the new one. If you plan to keep it change the rear axle lube lots of metal sand ect in there oil is cheep compared to a new truck. The $85 oil change sounds a little steep even for a dealer use Rotella Dello or I dont think the Gm stuff is diesel hd rated may be wrong look at the ratings on the bottle and see if the match a bottle of rotella.As for oil changes in a diesel you can streach it a little with low ash oil no one ever fried a engine with clean oil though just my opinion 20 years as a GM tech. I neved strech the oil change in the boat every 20hrs but mine are blown that is about the point when you can smell gas in the oil.
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