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Lingenfelter Motors


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Question Lingenfelter Motors

What's the word on these in marine applications? Hi-Lift marine has a Formula 382 with 540's in it. Nice boat...asking $135k.
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

Those are 502 MAG EFI that Lingenfelter modified to 525-540 HP. He developed the EFI system for Merc so he knew the limitations. Extrude honed intake, head work, cam, Eickert headers, bigger injectors, more fuel psi. These motors are @ max in NA form. It is all top quality parts. However he is deceased and I don't know if his shop is still in business in Decatur IN, home of Formula.
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

Originally Posted by License To Thrill
John is dead??
Yes, John is still dead.

Built some mean motors in his time. Many of them had better manners than the stockers they started from. Impressive.
May he RIP.
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

I had one of those 540's in my 271 FasTech... great motor! Ran like a top & sounded mean. If they were taken care of I wouldn't hesitate to go with them.

RIP John -
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

John died a few years ago from injuries sustained in a crash in a race car a few years prior to that. I have never been around one of his engines but everything I've heard there are a great package.
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

Lingenfelter Motors

I have a buddy that has two 850 HP Lingnfelter Motors and they are simply awesome.

He is on this board as "FlashBack".

They are in a classic Chris Cat. He bought the boat used with the engines already in it and has put close to 200 trouble free hours on it.

I am very impressed. From what I understand the company is alive and well even though John is gone.

Hope this helps in some way.

Good Luck
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

They built marine engines for a very short time, but as far as I know they are still in business. I think their specialty is Corvettes. I talked to several people at Lingenfelter Performance Inc about the marine side of the business in 2003 and they were no longer building marine engines at that time.

Here is a link to an article about the motors.

Ps... The Lingenfelter motors have REALLY good internal parts, not the stock GM that Merc used in the base motors that were modified.

Pps... I guess maybe I know alot about them as I helped a friend with three of them PM me if I can help with info.

Good Luck.

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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

Originally Posted by Troutly
Formula has used LPE engines in more than one flavor over the years. They built a 382 that was fully optioned that had a pair of 585HP engines in it. Ran 85 MPH.
Was that a "real world" speed or a magazine test?
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

i had one of his motors that went 185 with two guys and a full tank.....

in my vette.....
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Default Re: Lingenfelter Motors

There was a 28' Cigarette down here with a pair of his small-blocks.
Absolutely sounded MEAN, crisp throttle response and idled perfectly cold or hot.
He was a master.
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Quick Reply: Lingenfelter Motors

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