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Average Boater

Old 03-15-2005, 08:32 PM
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Default Re: Average Boater

Totally average here, '01 Ram 4x4, '96 Ebbtide and a modest country home. I also have a great wife and kids! I must admit I am striving to add a few zeros to my income.
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Default Re: Average Boater

I sold my boat to "downsize" and I had an average boat to start with! Does this mean I am "below average" now?
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Default Re: Average Boater

Originally Posted by masi242
my wife says "size doesn`t matter"
she's fibbing...they fib about that... really, they do.

luckily I have no reason for concern...

I don't have a woman right now.

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Default Re: Average Boater

I have average boats and average everything far as being an average boater umm nope thats not me, I eat sleep, and breathe this crap. Go ever single chance I get in both the summer and winter. I have to use boats just to remember numbers and dates. When a noreaster is blowin and the lake is crankin out 6 footers you can find my dumb azz on a beer run to the island hell I got a tatoo of a prop and poker hand and my first kid is probably going to be named something like "Sterling" I have met some of my best friends thru boating and have met several people all over this country through boating that I consider my friends nope..not average here...Im plum ate up with this chit.
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Default Re: Average Boater

Het Rippem,
Would that make you a Masterboater?
Originally Posted by Rippem
she's fibbing...they fib about that... really, they do.

luckily I have no reason for concern...

I don't have a woman right now.
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Default Re: Average Boater

Average?? depends on the company you keep. In some circles we are above average in others below. It also depends on what is important to you, some people will sink all their money into an expensive boat and live the rest of their lives cheaply. Just cause you see a guy on a poker run with a hot rod does not always mean he is big wheel in the rest of his life.

Ian and I are trying to achieve a balance, we have a larger boat cause we sleep on it, and don't want to spend money on hotels. But we bought it used, never could have afforded new. Ian does almost all the work on it himself, yesterday he worked all day long on the engines in our garage. We also store it in our driveway year round (another money saver). We have a nice new house but we worked long hours sub contracting it and doing a lot of the work ourselves. Ian works long hours of overtime every week so we can pay for everything, no kids is also a savings.

We do like those fun runs that don't charge you an arm and a leg, that's why we belong to COPS and LEOPA because even though there are a few hot rods, the majority are just the average guys enjoying a good time

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Default Re: Average Boater

"Average" is a relative term but based on the responses I'm in this category. A 1994 Donzi 18 Classic towed by a 1997 Toyota 4 Runner and a condo. It's not a big boat but if the waves aren't over 3-4 feet I'm out on it every chance that I get and having a blast. Someday, if the finances permit I'll get something to handle the bumpy days but until then I'll be havin' fun with what I've got.

- Jeff
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