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Hot Boat subscribers

Old 03-20-2005, 11:20 PM
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Default Re: Hot Boat subscribers

Originally Posted by Turbojack
....but I would not want to be the one telling my kids what the word meant as we passed the boat on the highway or the lake.
I have seen the light on this one. I had our boat named 'Beer B!tch' without the '!'. I did this moreso as a joke with my wife who said 'don't name it that!' when I suggested it in passing.

But late last year, as we tied with about 10 other boats. A kid swam pass our rear end and yelled to this parents 2 boats down 'He has a curse word on his boat'. I parents didn't say anything but I felt about 2 inches tall.

I will probably not change it, but I am now thinking about how I explain the name to my 6 year old when he ask.
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Old 03-21-2005, 08:03 PM
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Default Re: Hot Boat subscribers

B!tch is a female dog not a bad word... the f word on the other hand is too much. so rest easy beer dog
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Default Re: Hot Boat subscribers

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Angry Re: Hot Boat subscribers

Originally Posted by Too Old
Stricktly my opinion.....

The boat is over done and way to busy.

Not much I can find about the boat that I like, but who cares? It was built to make someone else happy and I suppose it does.

Having [email protected]#k embroidered in a headrest doesn't make you a bad a$$ outlaw. I suspect it's a word most of us have used. But there's a time and place for most everything.

The boat shows a lack of respect for children and their parents who are left to explain what it all means.

Poor taste on the owners part.....poor taste on the part of the builder.

Proof positive that there's an a$$ for every seat.
Right on!
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Default Re: Hot Boat subscribers

Why would you put that much time and effort into an Ultra boat? Not saying anything bab about Ultra boats, and that one is probably worth a whole lot more than mine but it seems to me that he could probably afford just about any ride out there, Outerlimits, Skater, MTI, Nor Tech, Cigarette, etc. If I was going to make a statement it would be in one of those top tier boats.
As far as the theme and design? To each his own. What ever makes you happy, I'm sure my ride is ugly to Sea Ray owner and vise-versa.
I wouldn't put the f word on my boat, and I wouldn't like my kids looking at it but in reality do you think your kids are never going to see that kind of stuff? So it's a good time when your kids see that to explain to them why you think it's in bad taste and if they respect you they'll listen. There's plenty of that kind of language in the school yards, we used it too. But hopefully they'll learn when the time for that kind of language is appropriate and when it isn't, and maybe they can learn a better command of the English language (with your guidance) and use some other adjectives once in a while and learn how effective you can be with-out the f word.
I personally am against sensorship. That's what makes this country so great (not that Jesse has the f word on his boat) but that he can if he wants to.
One thing about it, you wont be surprised when you see it. Take your kids and walk the other way or park your boat somewhere else if you dont want look at it.

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Default Re: Hot Boat subscribers

Jesse is tight with John West who owns Ultra, and I personally think a west coast custom like the Ultra fits his style. I would not own this particular boat, but to each his own.
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Default Re: Hot Boat subscribers

Originally Posted by twin screws
Right on!
You bet. No class and no taste. He may have talent but he's a real low-life with no respect for himself or others.
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Sorry to bring up an old thread but I own this boat now and I am finding some of the comments very entertaining.
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You still have the F word on it ???? My opinion it is just childish and nothing that needs to be where young kids can see it

Nice boat,interesting paint overall, but very juvinile to have the f word sprawled on it.
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What is the point in having that on a boat ?
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