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Best prop tilt and trim tabs

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Best prop tilt and trim tabs


Old 08-16-2010, 12:16 PM
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Default Best prop tilt and trim tabs

I would like to know where i should keep my outdrive trimmed at. I have an 88 baja 240sport, 454mag, running a 4 blade 23pitch, no trim tabs. The guy i bought it from told me to trim the drive all the way down for getting up on a plane, then tap it up just a bit for cruising, is this correct? also i am wanting to install trim tabs, don't want to break the bank, suggestions??
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Grab a GPS and start trimming up until you see your mph peak. If you can't afford a gps but have a blackberry or iphone you can download a gps program for around $15 which will still give you your mph. Once you trim up too far the mph will start to drop off and you'll know your best spot. It may change depending on how many people are in the boat, but will give you a general idea. Trim tabs are expensive, but worth every penny. Others would know more on which ones to buy. Mine came with bennet's and they make a huge difference getting on plane, leveling the boat, and pulling skiers and tubes.
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Agree with everything but the tabs. Depends on where you boat. If you boat on a lake they are useless. All they truly do is load balance when in a good chop. That is not really an offshore boat and lowering them will just slow you down. Learn to drive without them and you become a better boater. Now if you are in big water like Lake Michigan or the ocean you can use them to balance out bad water. Now I am sure others will disagree but learn the boat get the most out of it and then see if you have to have them.
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Trim up till you loose speed, and trim down just a touch for the best trim.

If your goal is top speed, consider using the trim tab money and get a shorty lower unit. I raised my drive and got another 10 MPH.

The only logic I can think of is, because your boat is old like mine (mine is a 1990) the props did not work at high x dimension.

Check your x dimension, and ask around what height you should be runnning.
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The best thing to do is experiment with the trim. The amount of trim to run will vary depending on the speed that you want to run and the water conditions.
Baja's like lots of trim to get the theeir top speed, especially older 240's and 24 outlaws. A 23 Mirage Plus 3 blade will probably be the fastest prop. I'm surprised that you spin the 23 4 blade fast enough unless you have over 425hp.
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