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Racing engines...what breaks most often?


Racing engines...what breaks most often?

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Default Racing engines...what breaks most often?

Just curious for those with racing engines or who race...is there a component of the engine that breaks more often than others? From what I have seen and read, it seems the bottom end of these engines is usually pretty robust, rarely failing? If so, then would that mean valves/springs/cams would be the leader?
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05-06-2023, 07:11 AM
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i would say its the wallet that takes the biggest hit
Old 05-06-2023, 07:11 AM
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i would say its the wallet that takes the biggest hit
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Originally Posted by boostbros
i would say its the wallet that takes the biggest hit
...sometimes catastrophically.
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relationships, marriages,girlfriends etc.
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The parts that break are the ones which you don’t have several spares sitting around for.
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Or not available until 6 months out.
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Racing breaks:
Rigged components

and everything others mentioned

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Usually, it's the Loose Nut behind the throttles that causes the most problems.
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You guys are too funny…but you are all correct… bajaman having raced supercat for a few years and being
directly involved in engine development, the valvetrain / camshaft are the biggest hurdles in racing that class. Things we’ve done included 55 mm roller cam bearings , truing up lifter bores. Bigger diameter lifters, various ramp designs on camshafts, using tool steel
camshafts, valvespring pressures , made own in-house rockers, used various retainers/ locks . The biggest helpful change was when we lowered the RPM to 7000 it helped stabilized it Speeds went down aiding in the safety of it. At the time I felt canopy construction was still lacking. Still loved the sound of the big block screaming at 7600 rpm kinda missed that.
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when we had the spec motors in Stylin spinning 7400 valve train was the hadrest just as byrider said. Pleasure boat parts wont live in the race environment.
hope you're well btw!
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