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Ilmor V10 Viper Engine History/Facts, Need your help


Ilmor V10 Viper Engine History/Facts, Need your help

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Default Ilmor V10 Viper Engine History/Facts, Need your help

I'm relatively new to the Ilmor V10 engine. I have read most all of the threads on this engine and just trying to put it all together in one thread.
Please add any additional history you know.

Ilmor V10 Viper Engine

1st offered ? 2003
available as 550/570/626/650/700(called 7-10)/725 hp
lower hp versions were stock blocks marinized by Ilmor, higher hp models- 700(7-10) and 725 are hand made with Ilmor parts- forged crank, rods and pistons

Gen3- ?years, 570/627/700(7-10), redline 6100rpm, uses throttle cables

Gen4- ?years, 650/725, drive by wire, redline 6300rpm

? Gen2- 550? did they even make a Gen2?

Indy Drive- available 2009/10, 1.39 and 1.50 ratios, uses dry sump oiling, hydrostatic clutch/smooth shifting, uses #6 props

550 can be upgraded to 625 with valve-train swap and ECU reprogramming
725 uses ported heads, ?ported intake manifold, different cam, ?different ECU programming, hand build using forged Ilmor crank, rods, pistons, all compared to 650
650 is the stock long block motor

Any more specs on any of these motors?
Anyone with a historical timeline with these motors?

Are they even still available?
How many were made? How many boats have these V10 motors (most are twin engined?) ?
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Good historical article-


2001 and 2002, when Ilmor started looking into high-performance marine development, the company also was doing oiling-system work on the Dodge Viper V-10 engine from Daimler-Chrysler. At one point, the company actually had a Viper V-10 engine in one dynamometer cell and a Super Cat offshore racing engine in a dyno cell down the hall.

“We were in this engineering review meeting looking at the APBA Super Cat engine and the Viper V-10,” says Ray. “Looking at the torque curve and the size of Viper engine compared to the Super Cat engine, we could that the Viper had quite good potential as a marine engine.

“We did our research and looking at the marketplace we saw it was full of GM engines,” he continues. “We said, ‘Why don’t we do something different?’ So we approached Daimler-Chrysler and the rest is history.”

2003- From their first dyno test, the engineers at Ilmor could see the Viper V-10 made 500 hp without straining. So through conservative tuning they upped its output to 550 hp and marinized it.

Using the same platform with different tuning and some internal components, they produced 625- and 710-hp models

2004- line of V-10 engines since entering the market in 2004

2007, we sold about 200 engine units, which puts us at about 10 percent of the market at that time
We were looking at building more powerful engines in the 900-hp range, and to do that you have to look at supercharging. Then the EPA and CARB came along with their new rules, and we had to turn our focus to emissions compliance. Now that we have all our engines in compliance, we can go back and start looking at bigger power again, but it’s hard to justify that in this economy.

In early 2009, the company unveiled its Indy stern-drive, the first non-Mercury, production built stern-drive rated to handle more than 700 hp.

2009 were upped to 650- and 725-hp versions.

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1983- Ilmor, founded by Mario Illien and Paul Morgan in November 1983, With manufacturing based in Brixworth, Northamptonshire, and maintenance offices in Plymouth, Michigan

1990- Ilmor Engineering, Inc., a sister company to Ilmor U.K., was incorporated in 1990

1998- the headquarters moved from its original facility in Redford, Michigan, into a custom-built, 28,000-square-foot (2,600 m2) facility in Plymouth, Michigan

2001- After the death of Paul Morgan in a vintage aeroplane crash in 2001, Mercedes increased its stake until it owned the entire company, and renamed it Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines Ltd.

2002- entered the high-performance marine world in 2002. Recognizing the business potential, Ilmor worked with then co-owner DaimlerChrysler to marinize and modify the Dodge Viper's V10.

Since 2004- Ilmor’s high-performance marine division has enjoyed substantial growth, becoming a well-established supplier in the U.S. and European boat market.
In addition to the MV10-550 engine, Ilmor created two additional performance variants:
2005- the MV10-625 in 2005, and
2006- the MV 7-10 in 2006. The 700-horsepower, naturally aspirated marine engine was developed with significantly improved fuel efficiency and a light-weight package.
2006- The MV10-550 was later upgraded to the 570 Hp in 2006.

2005, Mario Illien concluded a deal to purchase the Special Projects part of the company in partnership with Roger Penske, which was under contract with Honda Performance Development to jointly develop IndyCar engines between 2003 and 2006
This new company, which is totally independent of Mercedes, is once again known as Ilmor Engineering Ltd

2009- Ilmor had to utilize its engineering expertise to create an entirely new generation of MV-10 marine products. Emissions requirements established by the CARB, EPA, and the EU meant that all high-performance marine engines had to meet tough new exhaust emissions standards. The MV10-650 and the MV10-725, along with state-of-the-art Ilmor designed electronics were created to not only meet but exceed every requirement of the new regulations. Ilmor’s MV10-725 is the highest output emissions certified gasoline engine commercially available in Europe.

2009- Ilmor also unveiled the all-new INDY high-performance stern-drive in 2009. The INDY drive, two and a half years in the making, was designed to compliment not only all of the current Ilmor high-performance marine engines but to handle the power and torque of several other engines aimed for introduction at a later time

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Dummy me, right on their site-


1984- Mario Illien, Paul Morgan, Roger Penske and General Motors form Ilmor Engineering, Ltd. in Northampton England, to design and build turbocharged Chevrolet engines for IndyCars.

1986- 4-time Indy winner Al Unser is first to race with the Ilmor-designed Chevrolet 265A engine.

1987- Mario Andretti wins the Long beach GP, the first win for an Ilmor engine.

1988- Rick Mears driving a Penske PC17 gives Ilmor its first Indy 500 win.

1990- Ilmor Engineering, Inc. is incorporated in the U.S. and opens its headquarters in Redford, Michigan.

1990- Ilmor designs its first Formula One V-10 engine and enters an agreement to race the engine, starting in 1991, with a team owned by Japanese real estate company Leyton House.

1993- Chevrolet makes the decision to quit IndyCar racing at the end of the season.

1994- Ilmor partners with Mercedes-Benz to race the MB500I "push-rod" engine. M-B would become a full-partner of Ilmor at the end of 1994 to race both IndyCars and Formula One.

1998- Ilmor begins a relationship with Penske Racing South to develop new engine technology for their NASCAR race team.

1998- Ilmor Engineering, Inc. moves into its custom designed headquarters in Plymouth, MI.

1998-99- Ilmor-designed Mercedes-Benz engine wins Formula One World Championship with driver Mika Hakkinen and the McLaren Formula One team.

2000- Mercedes-Benz leaves IndyCar racing to focus its efforts on Formula One. Ilmor Special Projects Group is formed to handle all non-Formula One Ilmor programs.

2000-2001- Ilmor enters the Indy Racing League competing with an Ilmor version of the Oldsmobile Indy engine.

2001- Ilmor founding partner Paul Morgan tragically dies while flying one of his beloved military fighter aircraft.

2002- Ilmor enters the High-Performance marine sector by building V-8 race engines for APBA "SuperCat" Series.

2002- Ilmor and Honda Performance Development (HPD) form a partnership to design, develop and race Honda Indy engines in the Indy Racing League series starting in the 2003 season.

2002-2005- Mercedes-Benz is handed control of Ilmor's UK company through a phased buy-out program.

2004- Debut of the 550 HP MV10 550 marine engine at the Miami Boat Show.

2005- Roger Penske and Mario Illien re-purchase Special Projects Group from Mercedes-Benz, along with rights to the Ilmor name, and reform Ilmor Engineering, Ltd.

2005-2006- Ilmor introduces the MV10 625 and the hand-built MV7-10 marine engines.

2007- MV10 625 engines power the winner of the 2007 Powerboat P1 Evolution Class World Championship.

2007- Ilmor enters USAC Midget, ARCA Stock Car and Baja Desert Race Series.

2007- Design and development of GM-based inboard MV8 marine engines begins.

2008- MV10 625 engines win the 2008 Powerboat P1 Evolution Class World Championship and the APBA P1 Class World Championship in Key West, FL.

2009- Ilmor and Viper Motorcycles begin joint venture to produce 152 cubic inch V-Twin engine.

2009- Ilmor introduces the new MV10 650 and MV10 725 emissions certified (EPA, CARB, EU) high-performance marine engines, and the new "INDY®" Stern Drive.

2009- MV10 570 engines win the Powerboat P1 World Championship SuperSport class.

2010- Ilmor ships first production 152 cubic inch V-Twin to Viper Motorcycles.

2010- Ilmor Engineering announces start of MV8 production for MasterCraft Boat Company at Ilmor Marine, LLC. in Mooresville, NC.

2010- Ilmor signs multi-year Indy racing agreement with Chevrolet commencing in the 2012 racing season.

2011- Ilmor Marine becomes the exclusive engine supplier to MasterCraft Boats, and launches the wholly new to market MV8 7.4L engine.

2012- Partnered with Chevrolet, Ilmor begins testing and racing the new IndyCar engine, after completing 8 years of partnership with Honda Performance Development (127 wins, 6 seasons without a race-day failure).

2012 - 2015- Chevrolet and Ilmor win 43 IndyCar races, two Indy 500's, 3 IndyCar driver's championships and four IndyCar Manufacturers Series Championships.

2013- Ilmor High Performance Marine introduces the MV8-570 engine, the most powerful naturally-aspirated gasoline production small-block engine today.

2014- Ilmor creates a 'custom' race engine ship to cater to a growing list of circle-track, road racing and powerboat racing customers. Ilmor-built engines have powered multiple race winners across several race series in 2014-2015.

2015- The ARCA Ilmor 396 wins the first race of the season, the ARCA Daytona 200. To date, the ARCA Ilmor 396 has won every series race of 2015.

2015- Ilmor Marine celebrates the production of its 10,000th MV8 marine engine in August.
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Ilmor's Detailed History, CLICK HERE
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They are phasing out production of the V10. It's really a shame as the 725 was a great package.
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There is one for sale on ebay including ilmor indy drive, complete exhaust system and prop

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Default Ilmoor in a Warlock

I've been looking at one online. What's good, bad, and what should you look for. How many hours before major service is required?
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Default Viper M-V10

I have had my 39' Velocity with twin 625 Vipers.
My port motor once its hot and I shut off its hard to start you have to wait about 20 min or so. I was told vapor lock, but always lift my hatch when parked. we pressured tested the fuel and its write at 50.
is there something else that could be causing this.

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