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Bad Kitty, making things happen.

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Filler piece is done

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Originally Posted by ICDEDPPL
I can give you some initial thoughts.

Friday after I picked her up we went to Hammond Indiana.
Lake was a bit angry that day , white caps everywhere . We waited till it calmed down later in the day.
It was mostly rollers, no white caps just the occasional large wave.

I went out with Erica. My thoughts are that in The Cig I`d be getting a lot of air and our ass es kicked pretty good.. I would have to keep it around 60 miles. Erica would be standing and holding on for dear life. Cig did not have bolsters.
I was always under the impression that Vs are better in rough water but I was wrong. We cruised mostly 80mph. Once in a while we would catch some air but overall it was a decent , fun ride. Sitting down is great.
Erica felt much more comfortable and safe sitting down and behind the windshield. Got on plane at 2000rpm without a huge burnout or blowing out. The Cig. could be problematic getting on plane in big water.
In the Cig in these conditions if I stopped the boat would be rocking all over the place especially if the waves were coming broadside. The cat just kinda didn`t give a $hit. Like turning on a SeaKeeper.

, I did not go over 80mph where it starts packing air and the fun begins or so I`m told.The Drive Sync is cool, hit the button once and it raises both drives one click . Hopefully I`ll have luck with that [product versus the piles of junk Drive guardians that gave me nothing but issues.
I experience very of that terrible hop that everyone keeps harping about.
Re-entry would sometimes cause a hard jolt in the steering wheel and even idling out the steering felt 'off' The previous owner deleted the second helm option, maybe theres some steering issue or air in the lines.

Coming back to the launch, the motors would shift fine but after 20 seconds would peter out in gear .. I found a few plugs that were pretty dark, thinking fouled out .. Since I have no way to get into the MEFI4 I`ll change plugs and keep an eye on the wide band I installed to see whats going on . On the hose it idles at 13AFR.

That`s my limited experiance so far . Can`t wait to take her out again.

[img]https://cimg5.ibsrv.net/gimg/www.offshoreonly.com-vbulletin/2000x926/20240511_134053_6b9cbf89eee63dffe2a101330c03631854 247b87.jpg
I read this post to my wife last night. I think she is finally on board for a cat

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