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Preventive Maintenance Tips for your CMI Exhaust

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Preventive Maintenance Tips for your CMI Exhaust


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Default Preventive Maintenance Tips for your CMI Exhaust

Preventive Maintenance Tips for your CMI Exhaust

• Flush your engines after running them in salt water, EVERY TIME, with a minimum of 15 GPM of water supplied. DO NOT raise the engine RPM above IDLE as you could damage your exhaust system.
• Pressure check your exhaust system annually as a safety precaution. This is a perfect time to change your impeller and housing for the annual maintenance program suggested by most engine manufacturers.
• If you find damage in your water pump, chances are that you will find debris in your heat exchangers as well. These need to be thoroughly flushed in both reverse and forward. If flowing water through them is difficult, we suggest taking the ends off and running wire through the exchanger tubes.
• If you notice that your exhaust system is discoloring in any area, water flow should be reviewed to make sure that adequate water VOLUME is going through the system. This can be completed simply, with a water FLOW gauge.
• It is always a good idea to look over how your boat was plumbed at the factory. Tight bent fittings, fittings under 1 ” ID in the water system, or reduced hoses should be replaced, as this will have an effect on the water FLOW to the system.
• If you “beach” your boat, you are at a higher risk than most for getting sand and other debris in your motor. Avoid this method of parking your boat as it could get costly for you.
• Don’t be confused by water PRESSURE, as many OEM engine manufacturers measure water pressure in different areas of the motor. This number may not be telling you the real story of water FLOW. Your water pressure can be constant from the first day you bought your new boat. The danger may be lurking in the water FLOW which could be caused by a plugged heat exchanger or kinked hose. This may be the culprit causing the good water pressure reading, when in actuality there is poor water flow.
• External water pickups are strongly suggested as a solid method of retrieving a water source for your engine and exhaust system.

Livorsi Marine, Inc. has created the Raw Water Flow system, a new patented gauge kit that indicates your engine’s water flow volume. This system warns you of a potential problem or danger that would otherwise not be indicated by a water pressure gauge alone, thus preventing cosmetic and structural damage to expensive exhaust headers.

For more information on the Water Flow Gauge, click here http://www.livorsi.com/pdf/water_flow_system_flyer.pdf

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