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Roaring in at the Miami Boat Show...

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Default Roaring in at the Miami Boat Show...


Turbocharging, factory direct port fuel injection, noise compliant and emissions compatible; Turbocharging has become the holy grail of low emissions and higher fuel economy for OEM engines and is now delivering impressive performance gains to the aftermarket!

Turbocharging was once such an exotic part of technology that often it was only found in collectors coffee table books featuring exotic automobiles emblazoned with turbo badges on their body panels. These books were thin because for the bulk of the last fifty years turbocharging has been relegated to only the most elite offerings. Well those days have changed! Not only has Mercury Racing continued its march forward to convert its most powerful engines away from supercharging and into turbocharging, but the entire Automotive industry is making the same changes. Next year you will find that a vast majority of BMW's, Audis, and Fords are moving towards a fully turbocharged engine line up for their newest offerings. In a few years the normally aspirated engine might almost be as rare as the normally aspirated diesel truck.


Technology has happened. A combination of electronic engine management combined with direct port fuel injection has made for the perfect marriage to bring turbocharging into the 21st century. You'll find it on every new High performance engine offering above 800 horsepower from Mercury Racing and all the way from ECO-Boost Fords to a Rolls Royce V-12. It's no longer a myth, turbocharging is here to stay.


Until now turbocharging has been a luxury that only the largest of OEM engine manufactures had. Financially, they're the only companies that could afford to bear the expense of the thousands of hours of research and development. The tides of change are now flowing towards those that currently have a naturally aspirated engine packages. Hardin Marine's development team recognized this void in the aftermarket and pre-owned engine world and went to work! Extensive development and integration of OEM turbocharging successes into packages for the aftermarket marine industry was the result. By using leading OEM German turbocharging technology and matching that with the very best marine & aerospace turbo engineering designers, Hardin Marine will soon debut complete turbocharging systems for production engines like the Mercury Racing 525HP. The 525HP Kits will be offered in both 775HP Stage I and 850HP Stage II packages. These kits will include the marine industry's first aftermarket stainless steel water jacketed bypass integrated turbo housing, available in both manual and electronic horsepower versions. A unique new multi-chamber water cooled exhaust header system keeps engine width within an original specs. Induction will be directed through a cupronickel and stainless steel intercooler combined with OEM styled carbon fiber inlets. This is just the first of over a dozen other applications in development that can be followed at

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