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Alcohol and Go-fasts


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Unhappy Alcohol and Go-fasts

Yes I know there is a " Boating Safety" section. But I don't think to many people go to the safety section first. I recently took part in my first run of the season and it was very diconcerting to see the amount of alcohol consumed during the run. As Go-fast captains we have a responsibilty to do it safely and still have a blast doing it. But at each card stop people could not head to the bar fast enough. Now I am not saying that everyone did it. But there were at least half of the boats drinking fairly heavy. Did I have a drink? Yes I had two beers with a large dinner. But we didn't leave the last point for another hour or more after paying our bill. Returning to the boat ramp there were three participating boats putting thier boats back on the trailer. One boat of two were so drunk the girl fell off the boat and you couldn't even understand what she was saying. One of the other boats... Well six of them could not get the boat on the trailer before me and they got there first. In my opinion passengers can drink but when it can effect the overall operation of the boat there is a problem. If you think your boat costs alot of money, Have a alcohol related accident and watch your money and your way of life disappear. Again I know this is not the safety forum but because it was a "run" I thought it would be appropriate to place it here. Go fast but try to do it safely.

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I'm drinking water and sport drinks on the water this year. Passengers can bring beer if they want to but can't get trashed.
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Here in Canada if your are busted for BWI "Boating While Intoxicated" it goes directly to your Drivers License and you could be walking to work.
As I drive for a living, I consume 0 alcohol while in the boat and running. I have been known to have a beer when tied to the dock and i know I'm done for the day. Or after I back the rig in the driveway and tarp it down for the night but I just could not chance losing my drivers license just to have a cocktail or 2 on the boat.
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In VA drinking and driving on the water is punished just like you were driving your car......and like above, you'll loose your license. The run I used to help with had a different color wrist band for the captains and they were monitored for alcohol until we got to the last stop (where everyone was attending a dinner party and spending the night).
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Boyne thunders card stops are quick, you don't even get out of the boat, which makes it hard to drink. It would be nice to stop and hang out but that's what all the events before and after are for. Plus there run is for kids so I can put down the booze for a few hrs. As far as my crew, no alcohol either. I depend on them at card stops, docks, and rafting off of other boats, so I need them on there game too.

I suppose some runs are different but I'm sure everyone who has seen someone raft off of there own boat was hoping they were sober.
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Well said Fordf350.

Once back in the slip for the evening the brews are fair game. Before that, it is simply not worth it.

I spent a quarter of a century doing police work and saw the results of drinking and driving both from crashes and from making arrests. The first is tragic for those injured, their families, loved ones, etc. The second is expensive due to attorney fees, fines, lawsuits, sky-rocketing insurance, jail time, humiliation...

It is just not worth it.
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