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Silverhook ?


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Default Silverhook ?

How come the Silverhook boat doesn't run in the Class with Instigator, Twisted Medal and Outerlimits? Where do they usually run? Overseas? I'm assuming their engines are to big for the class. It's a great looking boat just curious how it would compete against the other deep v's

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Short answer: Yes, engines are to big and the hull is too heavy. My understanding is that it's an awesome rough water boat.
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He had big fancy engines and didnt choose to run the "spec" engine for the class which the others did. Hence he is in Unlimited.
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Default SilverHook 48GP

Originally Posted by Bilgerat View Post
He had big fancy engines and didn’t choose to run the "spec" engine for the class which the others did. Hence he is in Unlimited.
I may be reading it the wrong way, but your statement makes it sound like Nigel wouldn't want to race with V-hulls? If that is what you are trying to say, I would like to set the record straight. We are a sponsored team with a limited budget and we make decisions based upon those two facts.

Our SilverHook was purpose built (2011) to race in the European Power-to-Weight series (Powerboat P1) which is known for rough conditions, so she was built strong (and heavy). You are correct, she is too heavy to run spec engines against the smaller Fountains minimum weight out at 9,500.
After Europe, in 2012, SilverHook fit into the Superboat Extreme class but then Key West 2012, SBI merged three classes (Extreme, P1, and P2) and put a 117 speed limit on this “new” Superboat Extreme class. To be as competitive as possible, we re-rigged for our old Mercury 1075s which was time consuming and expensive. During the 2013 season, it was Nigel and one other boat (not always the same boat) for most of the season and then in Key West 2013, SBI wanted to change into a spec engine class. For a multitude of reasons, mainly money and weight, we decided changing engines was not the right decision for our team.

With the right budget we would build a new, lighter SilverHook, but that funding is not on the horizon. We are focused on trading up these engines and plan to go after the V-hull speed record.

Let me know if you would like more information.
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