Help, rusted on lug nuts.

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Default Help, rusted on lug nuts.

So I ended up taking a boat off the hands of a friend of a friend, however the trailer is in rough shape. The lug nuts are so rusted that they have actually lost their shape. Anyone ever have any experience with something like this? Any magic formula to loosen them up? Blow torch? Any help/tips would be appreciated.
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get lugs hot,,,then beat a socket onto it,,,and use and air gun to get ir off
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I in the past had this issue with a small yard trailer that needed tires. I just pulled off the entire hub and did the tire change that way and put it all back on. Worked well. Of course if you get a flat on the road you are screwed! 12 point socket and hammer works. Heat is your friend.
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Get out the Blue Wrench (Torch).
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Make sure you let all/some air out of the tires!!!

Had a good friend in a similar position, had to heat all the lugs and in turn that heats the rim, air expands and BOOM!!!!

Blew him across the shop, lucky nothing major except bruises......
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Besides the blue wrench. Let it sit over night with plenty of rust remover/desolver.
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Bolt extractors:

Or take a grinder with a cut off wheel and slice a slot in them enough to split them with a cold chisel.
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Originally Posted by c_deezy
Or take a grinder with a cut off wheel and slice a slot in them enough to split them with a cold chisel.
Prolly your best option.
If your calling it a "BlowTorch"...then you need to get someone with some experience to help you. can heat them up...then push a cheap candle into the threads next to the lug nut. The heat will "wick" the wax into the threads under the nut, thus making them come off much easier sir.
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If it were me I would just cut them all off and replace the lugs and the nuts. Cheap fix. Last thing you want to happen is to find out you overstressed a lug by heating it and have it give out on you. I have had them like this before and I just cut the old one off and replaced the lug and nut with new one's. You can probably you can get new lugs and nuts for 3-4 bucks a piece if I remeber. I keep about 6 on hand for just this purpose.
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I had mine rusted on a trailer, and couldn't get them to move with a breaker bar - it was rolling the trailer forward.

Soaked them in PB Blaster once a night for a week, and all 36 of them came off.
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