Trailer Width Question

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Default Trailer Width Question

Just picked up a 31' scarab on an I beam triple axle trailer. It is bigger and heavier but actually tows better than my 27' Formula did.

Anyway, my question is this.....This trailer is really narrow. The wheels are actually set in under the boat. If i went around a tight turn with my old trailer my wheels/fenders would hit anything before the boat ever would.

with this trailer the boat would be the first thing to contact any obstacles. The trailer is totally the proper length, it is just narrow for some reason. Anyone else have one like this? it this abnormal?
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I've sen them like that...but didn't like them. I had several trailer built and even had some built with 108 inch width (9 ft). I too wanted the trailer to hit the obsticle instead of the boat.
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I am rebuilding my I-beam trailer. Its not as narrow but i plan to add some running boards down the side to at least the beam of my formula to help keep the boat from hitting anything. Most of the ramps i use have lots of room in and out, but i have been to a few on the coast that are near impossible to get a large trailer to and back from the main road.

I would check the weight of your boat and make sure the axles are rated over your max weight. Mine were undersized.
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My fenders stick out (as most are), but the reality is that the fenders are the only place that extend out past the boat. Not by much, maybe a couple inches at the boats widest point?? The rest of the trailer is tucked under. To have a trailer wide enough to extend past the boats sides, then allow for the wheels/fenders, might be pushing the roadwidth regs. Plus that's make it even more hassle to maneuver within a garage opening, if even possible
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That's what the rubrail is for! If you jump into the SRW/DRW conversation, then you can say "if the truck fits, the boat fits."

Seriously, Rocket started making trailers with the cheaper, narrower axles, and the boats sat down on the I-beams with wood atop them. I didn't like them back in the day, and still don't. The wider the better, and they give you a place to step!
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