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Default Big Thanks

Our 43 is being shipped home to Mi "now" as I write this and 2 miles from the Tx line @ 3:00 MI time I get a text and pics showing the center wheel sheared all the lugs and took out the brake line.

At this point the shipper hadn't had a chance to determine exactly how much was damaged but a quick call to Myco was made and they were willing to pull parts and ship them Saturday delivery anywhere we needed them shipped to.

Not only were they willing to do this on short notice, they were also willing to stay after hours until we determined what parts were needed, AND their parts man was going to drive wherever he had to to get the parts shipped so "we" would be back on the road as soon as possible.

I need to add that this a 2005 Myco that has been literally back and forth across the country several times and was nowhere near being under warranty & this issue definitely wasn't a Myco problem.

Big, Big "thanks" to the folks at Myco.

I also need to shout out a thanks to Tom (TR Transport) because he must have been damn near clairvoyant to get the rig stopped in time to avoid any major damage. The hubs, bearing , and axle were fine & he found a trailer repair shop who's going to R&R the broken lugs, replace the brake line and get him back on the road.

Huge Thanks also to Lee @ Schiada for coordinating between Myco and Tom.

Thanks again to all & can't say enough good things about Lee, Tom, and Myco.

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Welcome mate!
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