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Trailer wiring redo FYI


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Default Trailer wiring redo FYI

So my Donzi is stored inside at a high and dry... havent used my trailer in a few years. Needs the basics, new lights, wires, brakes, tires, a couple bunks replaced and carpet. Easy, right?

Mother of God no.

I get a new lights and wiring kit, install. No lights. I test this thing 8 ways to sunday and give up temporarily (like 8 months... kids, lol) I get back to it... brand new wires I installed are corroded from the inside out for the ENTIRE LENGTH of the wire. This was a marine waterproof LED trailer light kit.

a friend suggested for real wire. This stuff is what we used to get back in the day. A grade stuff.

If I did end up swapping to the round 7 pin and if I did it again I'd have followed that color scheme. Why in the hell the 5 pin uses totally different wire color scheme is beyond me. That was another thing I learned. I also ran a ground wire down both sides of the trailer from the truck which I did not have before. There is zero voltage drop now.

Hope this helps someone in the future. Skip literally everything from Amazon and get the good stuff
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Unfortunately, there are two "common" wiring patterns for the 7-way round plugs too. For this reason, I like using a junction box as it makes it easier to test the pinouts and move the wires around.
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when i wired my trailer i ran a loop...from the tongue down one side across the back and back end and up to the tongue again....i figured if i had a break anywhere in the line then the other side would still be able to keep the rest of the lights going one way or another...
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I have had the chinese wire on trailers do the exact same crap we are getting from that ****hole !!! must be some cheap tin crap tinted to look like copper !
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