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Deselecting overdrive


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Default Deselecting overdrive

I will be towing about 9,500 pounds ~600 miles from central North Carolina to Pensacola, Florida. I may try to avoid Atlanta traffic so I will using I-85 or a more southern route through Ga./Al.
My question is, should I de-select overdrive on my transmission (and what are the pros/cons for doing so).
I have a 250,000 mile, 2000 V10 Excursion with towing package and electric brake controller (trailer has a Hydrastar EOH braking system).
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Depends on the load, grade and speed imo. I don't put my Tahoe in trailer mode ever when towing my boat -6500ish lbs. Never needed to. I would watch tranny temp and feel how engine is running. If it's lugging or tranny temp is hot than turn off od.
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As far as traffic is concerned, I use the App "Waze".... its a freebe that will alert you to traffic snarls and reroute as well as radar trap/sitting police up ahead - not just here in North America but i have used it around the EU as well.

If you have a trans temp gauge, it can dictate what you can get away with... The trailer mode give a higher shift point (possibly harder shirft and may not give top gear as in a "sport mode" car) if your truck is popping and dropping through gears in the hills - cheaper to pay for the gas than a trans. once you are in an area where you can get up to speed and the truck is not laboring, I opt for the mileage and go back to trailer when coming up to a hill.

9500 is a good old is the trans fluid?
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The only time Ive ever locked out OD when towing was in the mountains, on any of my trucks, ever.
Else, just select the tow/haul mode (if equipped) and send it.

I agree on the transmission temp gauge, invaluable info.
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That truck should have an automatic tow/haul mode, meaning there is not a tow/haul switch to engage.
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Its not common on Ford 4r100/E40d like your excursion has to need to put in 3rd from 4th unless it going in and out of lockup as trans is quite beefy unlike some 1/2 ton stuff, Smitty
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