Super Duty Death Wobble?

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I talked to a Ford engineer who said the tire pressure is critical on the F250. Don't run anything under 65 lbs. in the front. Also as others have said the steering dampener can cause issues. I replaced mine with a Fox and have never had a problem 2014 with 126,000
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Eddienel (06-28-2021)
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Friend has a F450 Platinum and it has happened a couple times.

Dealer told him the tires were too chopped up/cupped, needed to be replaced.and it wouldn't happen again. He drives it daily but I haven't seen it up close to see if he swapped the tires.
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Had the same problem on a '17 F-350. Local off road shop suggested going to a dual Fox stabilizer. Problem solved. The factory stabilizer is too chintzy for the size and weight of the truck.
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Had 3 SuperDuties, happened in all 3. One time hit a rough area on the highway thought and I was going to wreck. I put air bags on the rear to help with trailer tongue weight and this seemed to inadvertently help with the death wobble. I did the Rancho dual steering stabilizer and this worked. The only problem is that it wears the pump out faster. There is no excuse for Ford not taking care of this. If they cant fix the problem, they shouldn't build trucks.
The worst incident was when one of my tires developed a big bulge in the sidewall on the interstate. I was driving faster than I should have through the mountains of North Carolina and something started to feel a little off so I left off the throttle all of the sudden, the steering wheel started violently shaking and I was not in control of the truck. I thought I was going to wreck for sure. Luckily for me it occured in about the only straight stretch for miles. I just continued with no throttle and after I slowed down a lot I was able to get off the road. I thought I had broken a major suspension component, but it was just the death wobble caused by the tire imbalance.
If you haven't had this happen on your Super Duty, you will.
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Originally Posted by F-2 Speedy View Post
Ive got an 05 F250 SD with 95k on the clock and its never done it.
I had an 05 F350. Same here. Never any kind of death wobble. That's usually/used to be something for lifted rigs that don't have a good stabilizer set up. 100k on the clock and plowed New England winters for quite a few years with it. I couldn't have asked for a better truck. Been starting to look for a newer one.

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It looks like a solid front axle issue and highly associated with Jeep more than Ford.
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Default Dual Damper


OEM steering damper is not adequate. This will solve that death wobble.
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Interestingly enough, whilst at a 4th of July party last weekend this topic came up...a friend who is a lifelong Ford guy showed up in a new 3/4 ton Denali, everyone was in disbelief but then he told the story of his 2019 F-250 'death wobbling' on I44 at speed, he thought he was going to die, traded the truck the next day.
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I have a 2019 F-250 Lariat. I received a notice on my Ford Pass about extended coverage for the steering linkage damper. Maybe that has something to do with the death wobble. I've never experienced this in any of my many Ford vehicles.
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I would guess this is solid axel dana 50/60 issues combined with track bar, ball joint wear, and most important steering stabilizer. Heavier tires help, 295x65x20. I put factory michlens on for a long trip 2000 miles and experienced it for first time around 45k. Have 104k now and never had it happen with cooper str pros.
last week pull the front passenger side U joint out of a 2013 super duty that was froze. Stopped taking grease and it created the death wobble for sure. I have felt that in an older 84 Chevy crew dual my and now know that was my issue then. Keep U joints greased and get a good steering stabilizer, and proper alignment as needed.
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