How to measure tounge weight?

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Default How to measure tounge weight?

Any way to do so with back yard method?

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When i need to know i go to a local weight scale for cars trucks trailer and so on
i roll on it, unhook the trailer from truck leaving only the jack plate on scale, drivevthevtruck off scale and get the print out!
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I got tired of guessing with all my various trailers and tow vehicles so I simply bought a tongue weight scale. I'd attempted to use bathroom scales and some of the other backyard methods but found wildly varying much so that I didn't trust them at all.
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I use bathroom scales all the time.

I bought several, cheap, digital scales at Wally World yrs ago and keep them in my shop.

I think they have 300 lb capacity.

I put two, side by side, on top of two concrete blocks, and two 4x4 blocks on them, a 2x4 across the blocks and lower the tongue onto it.

Works great!

Make sure your trailer is level when the tongue is on the scales.

I measured the tongue weight of my 25 Checkmate IO to twin OB conversion a 100 times to get it where I wanted it!

You could measure the difference in moving the hull forward 2 on the trailer!
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I got tired of playing games and bought this.

Sherline trailer tongue scale - for sale

Sherline trailer tongue scale
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I use one of these.
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I use this and my bobcat

Amazon Amazon
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I used my body weight to gauge how much the truck squatted with me on the hitch vs. The boat
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I have a 700 lb bathroom scale that I used to set up my current trailer. I also went to the truck scale to measure the total weight to ensure my tongue was around 10% range
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Using a bathroom scale or that Sherline scale is useless if you don't know what the trailer and boat weighs. The trailer plate that says the weight of the trailer is an average. The dry weight of the boat is an average. You have to find out what the boat weighs wet. (Gas tanks and water tanks full. Your gear, coolers, etc.). The only way you're going to find that out is if you go over a scale. Then all you have to do is simple math. CAT scales have had an app for a while now. You don't even have to go inside to pay the cashier or get your printout. Easy Peasy.
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