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Beware fake certified checks


Beware fake certified checks

Old 04-02-2020, 09:32 PM
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Default Beware fake certified checks

I have a 500 merc for sale and I get a text from 618-416-9137 , Mr Daniel DuBois that he would like to more pics as he is interested in my engine .. ok , I send more pics and he is sold ... he puts a cashiers check in the mail and adds extra money ... as he wants me to pay his “ movers “. Say sure , just send the check and we’ll figure it out ..
so the engine is 12k , and he sends me cashiers check from Reliant federal credit union ... for 15,500 dollars ...
Wow , an extra 3500 .... so he now says deposit the check , and once it clears you can please pay my “mover “ the extra 3500 ...
you see , he said he didn’t have enough “check paper “ ,
too funny ...right .. and he wants me to pay them with cash app...... yeah right ...can’t make this **** up ...
so I call the credit union name on the check .....which I had to look up online for the phone number ... which by the way is in Wyoming .... and this deuschebag is from Illinois ..... even more ****ed up is the check comes via usps from a moving company called guardian moving systems in Memphis , Tennessee..
also , the check has a woman’s name on it .. Stephenie Bailey

anyway , the credit union says the check is fake and it’s the third time this has happened in a week...
so seller beware ... there are all kinds of scammers out there... this one is a real piece of **** ...


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Old 04-03-2020, 08:00 AM
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I have received a 100% real, but stolen from a bank, cashiers check. It had all the watermarks and was legit BUT it was stolen along with a stack of others and sold to scammers on the internet. The FBI got involved and it was a nightmare. The only ways to do these transactions anymore is direct electronic deposit (wire transfer) or cash at pick-up. If people are getting a loan and want to pay you with the lenders "check", the lender can wire transfer the $ into your account.
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Old 04-03-2020, 09:32 AM
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Anytime someone is offering more for something is a huge red flag. That is a typical craigslist scam as well, not to mention poor grammer.
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I purchased an $18,000 generator years ago from a 'seemingly' large generator supply company off the internet. They told me to do a bank wire transfer for the amount, which i gladly did as a safe way to send money, as it would be a federal crime if I got ripped off. I did get ripped off as the web site and phone number disappeared with no more correspondence from the company after I placed order.

I called federal authorities and also my state attorney's office, and both of them told me it would be a civil matter that I would have to pursue myself, even though it was a bank 'money transfer ', and unless they got a lot of other complaints from others, it was up to me as a civil matter ( made no sense to me).

It took me over 1 and a half years of my own investigation trying to find them, but ended up seeing a same worded ad with different web design pop up on the net, and was sure it was same company by the wording, and then was also was able to determine they were based out of miami, 40 miles away.

I called the number listed and was able to get the same guy I had dealt with originally on the phone, and told him he may have noticed some strange vehicles near his business surveiling them, and that it was a 'Federal Crime' etc etc blah blah for them.

They must have noticed vehicles watching them as I had also contacted Dade County economic crimes division, which did send investigators to that address, but they told me that it appeared they were a legitimate generator business and I would have to pursue them as a civil matter like the others had stated.

By telling him it was a 20 year federal offense etc, and BS' ing him that investigators were 'closing in' on him, I put enough fear in him to ask me what would make it go away, and I told him give me my funds back or the generator, of which he said they would leave one sitting outside the business in 4 days for me to pick up.

I went down 4 days later with a trailer and winch, and lo and behold, there was a generator outside their locked up business sitting there with my company name written on it.

I have no idea why they tried to rip off, especially since it was a Bank 'money transfer' .... but found out the huge 'federal crime' from using a bank transfer was a joke, with no help from the various agencies.

Oh.... the generator was a defective one that needed a new circuit board, but at least I wasn't out $18,000


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Old 04-03-2020, 11:51 AM
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If these sh!tbags would but as much effort into working in a legitimate business instead of ripping people off they would probably do pretty well in like a car salesman role since they are able to bullsh!t their way through life as it is hahaha.....I frickin hate this and wish I could find one of these jack offs face to face...Randy you're more of stand up guy than me....I would have gone into that place with a can of gas and a lighter and to that guy to his face that I wanted my money or the building would be ashes in a few mins hahahahaha
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I got one of those fake checks from a guy that wanted to buy my car. I took it to the bank and they said it was fake, so I emailed the guy and told I sent the check to the Secret Service as they typically handle bank fraud and he disappeared.
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