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Protect yourself from Skin Cancer

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Comforting to know I'm not alone, hearing loss and BCC removals! (49). A big challenge for me is figuring out how to protect my head, its so hot here and I have a very sensisitve scalp-if I wear a cap or any kind of hat I break out in heat rashes and it is very uncomfortable. I try to stay under the bimini now but have to put it down underway. Anyone had this issue?
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tuff deal here, had several removed in last few years, nothing bad so far, but my wife does have a bad spot that she has surgery on sept 4, guess would have known be lots of us in the same boat...good luck to all dealing, the ones that have not have issues, see dermotoligist regularly
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Sunblock is a must when being out on the boat.
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Just remember sunscreen stop sunburns but not cancers from developing.
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Exclamation Appreciated

Originally Posted by sprink58 View Post
This is a subject that none of us like to think about...but one we all need to none the less.

I have been Boating, Swimming and Fishing in Florida most of my life....40 plus years of it anyway. We are blessed here in South Florida with being able to enjoy year round boating and I have taken advantage of that every chance I get !!

Now...at age 63...it is catching up with me. I am going thru a series of surgeries having cancerous lesions removed fro various parts of my body...Scalp,face, neck, shoulder and legs.Luckily...they are all Basal Cell and Squamas Cell Carcinomas as opposed to the deadly Melanomas.
Back in the '70's we really didn't have "Sun Block"...we had Coppertone and Sea & Ski that maybe had an SPF of 4 !!! LOL. During the mid to late '80's we started seeing SPF ratings on Sun Protection products as Dermatologist and the public became more aware of Skin Cancer and it's damaging effects. By the late '80's and thru the '90's most of my damage was already done. I went to the dermatologist every few years and had a few places cut or frozen off. So...40 years later I'm getting the bigger stuff removed. I have a great Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon.
These things require Skin Grafts and are a pain in the ass to deal with. These damn things aren't just painful to have removed...it also gets expensive. The money canoe for family in cheap I would much rather spend restoring my boat is being spent to restore me LOL !!!

As I write this I am sitting inside in front of my computer, with my head wrapped in gauze...recovering from an out patient surgery this morning that required General Anesthesia. I have to wear my "Terrorist Costume" for six days until I go back to my plastic surgeon to have a check up. Then we start planning the next round of surgery.

So my word to you is...and I stress this as an old member of the boating community and your friend....keep you and your family protected from the sun !! Where you can't cover exposed skin...use a high quality BLOCK...on your face, neck, scalp, etc. I see a lot of guys headed offshore to fish now with hats and neck capes, long sleeve SPF rated micro fiber shirts,etc.

And for those of you that only get out in the Summer months up North...don't think you are immune to this. You sit inside covered up all winter and on that first good boating weekend you are out there bearing the old white pasty bod to the Sun...just so you can go back to the office on Monday...burned up and the envy of all you work buds !! Going from zero to burned is where you do the most damage !!

Start making Sun Protection as big a part of your Boating Safety Equipment as your, Fire Extinguishers, electronics, PFD's, flares, extra lines, anchor,etc.

As for me...I'll definitely be back on the water soon...but you can bet I'll be covered up with Sun Block and/or SPF rated clothing!!!
Well my kid has had the same thing done, but sunblock during the summer makes the skin oily too which in return welcome pimples, can't imagine going without it. So yeah Kindda confused
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Thanks for sharing and creating awareness.
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