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controlling porpoising

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Originally Posted by SOX View Post
talking with a friend with a 26 Sonic (and they porpious (sp) ) also he has problems getting on plane in following speeds. Well he was talking to a very well know Velocity guy her on OSO Bob Powell. He told my Sonic buddy to run the drive neutral and adjust the attidtude of the boat wiht tabs. He tried it and the Sonic handled much better. Not the fastest but the ride was comfortable in those mid ranges and following seas. I have not tried it yet but I'm going to. Bob is a pretty smart guy and knows how to drive a boat so I tust his recommendations.
Hope i am not being misunderstood ( which happens to me)
I totally agree you can trim and tab a boat to react as you need it to, there are other alteratives if the boat is very uncomfortable and the user loves the boat, but hates this porpoising problem in what ever range cruising speed it shows up at. some slight bottom modifications can make a huge differance in desired performance.

i have worked on several boat manufactures bottoms and their are alot of claims of how the boat will perform then when the customer starts using the boat, it just dont quit meet the expectation, I have altered alot of boats to help customers get the performance they are looking for, and having the customer test the alteration to make sure the boat performance fits their needs.
So just something to think about.
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Its all good!
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Originally Posted by PURPLE HORNET View Post
The porpoising comes from the boat trying to get up and run on top of the water and then falls back off. At the speed you are running is the breaking point of when the boat gets on top of the water or comes back down. Checkmate has a good hull design and their boats have no problem getting on top of the water and running with minimum power. Unlike a lot of boats that tend to push the water Checkmates hulls like being on top.

This is good because a fast boat is on top of the water not pushing the water. The bad is you get porpoising at mid speeds most all Checkmate Deep Vs do this. Seat time and trim down is the only cure Stock bravo 1 4 blade props seem to work best I feel in controlling the problem.

And their is nothing wrong with the drive to deep
it seems like boats with rocker or hook do this, which is a lot. 3# cig/baja/saber all do that two. anyone know how to contact the guy with the 30footer #6 drive, I need to ask him about his CGon the 30, if he changed anything. in a week or two I'll have a porpoising vid on here you'll LOL, I have a big blower motor plus a konrad ace hanging off the back of the saber. long story short it would porpoise then on the 5th or 6th it would start to leap out of the water..I heard blue printing the hull will stop it. heard the hook or rocker was added in most boats to help get on plane and pull easier out of the mold. noysee has a nice one for sale 26, wish he would keep it. Artie
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