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Cary / Cigarette 32 production


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Default bolster re-do

Originally Posted by TOASTY View Post
i need another race boat like i need a hole in my head...
let me think it over and see where all my dough is @ then i will call. Other then that i will see you out on the ocean in class 5 with the jersey gents real soon. you have any good interior guys up your way to do a 3 man nice like? i have one out of my sutphen that i am trying to get done but i dont want to spend 10k on it by getting it finished in Mt holley nJ know what i mean???

Thats funny you ask. This scuffy old guy comes stumbling in the shop about a week ago, i mean he could of passed for a home-less mountain man or something, tells me he's new to the area, just moved from Chicago, saw the hot rod boats out front and heard some motors, just wanted to stop in, blah-blah-blah, I mean i fiqured this cat is looking for some scrap to haul off for a buck or something. Well anyway, I'm about to shoo him back out the door, when he whips out this stack of photos of all this custom boat upholstry. Tells me he had this 20 man shop for like the past 30yrs, and all he did was boats and custom cars, ect-ect. So we start b.s.-ing a little, and he's telling me he lost everything in a divorce a few years ago and, he's gone through some real rough times, but now he's looking to start a custom boat interior shop here in Wilm,. and do i have any work?? So I show him the old rack seat in my boat, it needs to be all re-done. Guy says, no problem, I can do it, double stuff it, new cover, candy stripe, fat pleats, whatever you want. I'll take it with me and do it. I don't think so, i tell'em, i mean i don't now this cat, and like i said, he looks like he's had a few already today. No problem, he says, i'll take the cover off it now, if thats not a problem, make a new cover, & foam over the week, and come back next Sat, and finish it here in my mobile truck. Cool, come back sat. Well, to make a long story short, this guy rolls up sat. in an old van, no plates, I mean, you had to be here. Anyway, he rebuilds the seat, in the van, takes a few hours, but it comes out fuggin' nice! Seriously, the guy is talented. But the best part was he only charged me $200!!! I know your in Jerz, but it may be worth it to send it down.
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you gotta post some pics of that seat that story is priceless!
that way i can see what your boy has to offer!
my e mail is [email protected]
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Does anybody have a better version of this drawing?
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Default Cary 32

FURBURGER TOO (1975) Ex-Zenith Time(1973)Ex-Sun and.....(1972)
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Originally Posted by damdonzi View Post
You beat me to it. I looked at it with Greg October 1999 when I was down for the Ft Lauderdale boat show. It looks identical today as it did back then. I think it had 3's on it, and the cabin needed to be fixed up if you planned to spend any time down there. The 3 man set up is very, very tight. If I remember right, a Saudi 20-something year old owned it at the time. Pic from when I looked at it. Cool boat, but a big project for sure.
Isnt that Bob Lathams old boat?

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No Bob's Cary is a 29'
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Default Brownie

Originally Posted by BROWNIE View Post
El stretcho grande
Brownie - Wasn't that your name in the film industry? LOL

Have a great holiday buddy. Barry
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OLSKOOL72 - Any Idea where that hull that you looked at my be now?? Reaching far here I know, but had to ask. Love it!
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A guy named John bought it and is restoring it. He's from the Carolinas some where. That was my old boat, I bought it as a basket case years ago from the original owner. I now have a 29'9" Cary that was Bob Lathams.
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Anyone have any information on production numbers of the smaller Cary hulls? 26, 28,29.9, not the 32s...
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