496 oil flow direction

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getrdunn and sutphen, thanks !

so since the fitting on the block goes to engine and not pan, then it looks like the oil line routing is correct,
as far as oil flow out of and into the engine and thru cooler counter to water flow.

yes, would rather go to filter adapter but everything forward of the adapter would have have to be changed
to larger i.d. and the -an, jic, inverted flair fiasco has delayed the engine install long enough, it's still going on in fact.

as far as gauges, there is only the mercmonitor. fingers crossed the gaurdian has the engine.
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If you want to add a gauge, take merchandise sensor out,add a tee to the port,install gauge sending unit.
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Default oil line update don't buy fragola fittings

12 days of waiting for the 90 degree fittings to get shipped, and now back on the the oil lines. well i didn't like the looks of the 90's
(like a pressure point making a that sharp turn)
the only way to rig the last oil line with the 45's was to run oil in same direction as water. you can see the lines on the cooler are now reversed.the first line i made is about 2 inches short (see the kinks) no problem, have plenty of hose and just pull off the fittings from the 90 hose and re use them since they are reusable.

reusable my pastey white ass ! now i have to assume all the fittings are damaged
and will need to start over with new lines and fittings. right ? now or when it's in the boat
and they blow oil all over the place

i followed the assembly directions on fragola's website and this is what happens

so whats the secret ? when i call summit and stump jumpin jethro answers the phone , what do i say so
he sends me the right stuff the first time (even tho this is like the 4th time )
without all the sending back and forth wrong stuff / expensive not reusable reusable garbage ?

rear 45

front 45

last oil line is an s bend

destroyed "reusable" fittings

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talked to fragola, all lines have to be remade.
they will not be remade with fragola fittings and hose, that i can tell you.

summit and fragola can go F each other in a hepatitus whooping cough aids soups on
a p stained mattress some where.

never spend another dime at summit after this one, advise all DON'T BUY FRAGOLA FITTINGS AND HOSE.
the reusable fittings ARE NOT REUSABLE unless you buy more parts and hose or cut hose shorter and start over.

the whole month was a waste because of the an, dash, dot, #, jic, inverted flair bullcrud.

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its not as fancy looking....but i have great luck with parker pushloc hose and fittings. I use it on everything (fuel, engine oil, trans oil, etc) except higher pressure hydraulic lines (its rated to 250 PSI depending on diameter and temperature).

Remember AN=JIC to the rest of the world (industrial)
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