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restoration or get a newer boat???

Old 04-26-2005, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

The TRS to Bravo question will be answered by what power you plan on running. I switched from TRS to Stellings boxes and IMCO drives. Sometimes I wish I had known that the Konrads were comming out but I love the room i saved by getting rid of the trannys. So what power would you want?
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Old 04-26-2005, 09:03 PM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

TRS drives are stronger than bravos (not including xr's) they shift better and your boats center of gravity was set up around them. If your gonna switch to anything, switch to Konrads but don't waste your money on Bravos
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Old 04-26-2005, 09:14 PM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

I'll have between 400 to 500 hp each engine
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Old 04-26-2005, 09:54 PM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

I have had 3 new offshore boats, 1985 272 Formula, 1989 311 Formula, 96 28SS Sonic. I kept the 311 for 10 years and loved it. 4 sets of engines, updates every winter and paid off in 5 years. Bought a 97 43 Black Thunder used in 2000. Total re rig over the last 2 1/2 years. Purchase used and re rig your way is a good way to do IF you realize that you are NOT going boating in your project for a period of years. Joe Murray
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Old 04-27-2005, 07:44 AM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

I agree, a restoration is the way to go! I am currently doing a '78 F233I, it started as just "freshen" it up a bit. Now its just a bare hull/deck with about 10 gals. of West System added! It's not going to see water this season, but I'm still looking foreword to working on it every free hour I have available! When I'm done it will be the ultimate expression of me, and my tastes, no new boat can accomplish this. Few people have the desire or ambition to take on a restoration project, Almost anybody can go out and sell their soul to get a shiny new boat! Only a restoration/custom will provide a sense of pride and accomplishment!
Sorry! I'm just ranting because only one of my friends appreciates what I'm doing with mine, the rest think I lost my mind!
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Old 04-27-2005, 10:53 AM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

I could have bought newer ....but my boat is paid for and now with fuel prices the way they are .....if there is a big weekend coming up and my fuel bill will be 600.00 big deal .....I don't have 1000-1500 a month going out for payments .... AND the looks and comments I get ...Priceless .....
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Old 04-27-2005, 12:13 PM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

I'm sure it is nice to buy a new boat, but I know how it feels to have people complement your taste and work on a restored boat! The hard work is the difference in liking your new boat or loving your old boat!!!

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Old 04-27-2005, 12:41 PM
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

a lot of great advice here based on personal preferrences and budgets. what really matters is what makes you happy and what you can afford to do.

my own bit of advice is to buy a boat with a solid name/reputation so that when the day comes when you do want to sell it, the name will help the value.

I've heard bad things about Stingers and Formulas are a well built boat with a solid I'd opt for the 357 if I were you.

Personally, I only buy Cigarettes...I'm on my 2nd and do owe a small amount of money on it, but it's manageable and I'm still able to do the upgrades I want...and I'm getting ready to convert the boat to 496HO/Bravos from 420s and TRS drives. This particular project is a little more than I can afford to do right now, but I'm okay with that...and I'll NEVER get my money out of this upgrade, but I'm okay with that too, because I paln on keeping this one for a long time
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Old 04-27-2005, 02:30 PM
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Cool Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

i'm on my fourth boat in 10 years and i made money on the last three, all of them paid for, i can't stand payments. i'll be keepin this one a while and i'm sure i'll be dumpin $$$ into this one unlike the others, but it'll be a blast, and every time i do something to it it'll be more unlike any other.....fix it up and drive it like you stole it, then fix it up again....grimmy
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Default Re: restoration or get a newer boat???

Here's my two cents on this matter.
5 years ago I bought my Magnum thinking that I wouldn't really have to do anything to it, but enjoy it.
Here's what it looked like when I bought it.

Then, I caught the disease.
Unfortunately for me, I do not have the time, the place or some of the manual skills to perform the upgrades that went into my boat. Although, I do have the skills to plan out,design and find the necessary sources to complete the myriad of projects that took place.
I spent bags of cash for the restoration and don't owe a dime on the boat. The boat IMHO turned out beautifully.

I still wonder if financially it was the correct thing to do vs buying a new boat. The capital that was spent on the boat could have been better allocated to investments that would have made me money. Payments on a new boat would have been tax deductible and a new boat (five years ago) would have been probably worth more than the Magnum is now.
I also would have had more seat time, due to the down time on the Magnum's restoration and I also wouldn't have had to buy other boats to be used while the Magnum was being worked on.
Did I learn anything?
Nope, Absolutely not.
Because here is another project that I am finishing up and I could have bought a brand new Donzi 18 for what I have into this now.

At this point, the Magnum is for sale for far less than what was put into it, and I am seriously thinking about purchasing a brand new boat.

Wardley, Wardley are you out there???!!!!!

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