Crash Victims Brother Thx

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thx Mitch for helping our family. i beleive that God is Watching over the people that really care and help others in this type of accident. please feel free to contact me on my cell if you have any info that might make me feel better about what happends in these types of accidents. can you get ejected even though the boat is going backwards? it looked like in that one video of the other boat he stayed in the boat. just need to learn more about this stuff for me. thats all. i understand drag racing and the feel of getting loose at the track. do you get the same feeling of getting loose before it spins? Driver or Throttle ,man might feel it first? in my car i can tell what is happening in the rear before it comes around.
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MY best to all those involved.
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I worked with Mike at the Chevrolet dealership so I new him personally. He was a great guy and I am sure he will be missed by many.......
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My condolences
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I drag race to and have been out of control many times some, my fault, some mechanical error, some crappy track, What is hard to deal with in this instance is there may never be a concrete answer, the water is always changing it is like someone said, it is like doing 100mph on a bumpy dirt road, so many things can make a pro look like a rookie, the water is so unpredictable there is no way to chart a coarse and stay with it, with the track always changing, there are so many unforseen variables in powerboating, and yes it is possible to be thrown from a boat going backwards, the guys in that video were very lucky. I have done minimal racing in F-1 as a throttle man and can tell you that one of the best throttle men in the business was operating that boat, at best guess I am saying it might just be a freak accident. I hope we OSO'er's can help answer any questions you have and don't be afraid to ask the tough ones, these are pretty thick skinned people who will answer anything that might have crossed your mind. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
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RIP...Remember he is a fallen brother, and we all griev over you and your brother.
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I am very sad for your family, I hope you are able to repair your lives and I pray for you and especially the kids who lost thier father. Times like these remind me of what is really important in life, God Speed to you and the rest of the family. Very courageous for you to post as classy as you have.

Mitch...hats off to you for your offer....very real.
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss and my condolences and prayers go out for you and your family. The heartache and sorrow you feel is the price we must pay for having loved someone.
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You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers
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Very sorry to here of the loss of your brother. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.
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