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I know I shouldn't ask!

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Default Re: I know I shouldn't ask!

Originally Posted by Dave M
Someone I know with a 45 Sonic with trip 500's told me he is burning 50 GPH at cruise.
Dave, you know what cruise is??
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Default Re: I know I shouldn't ask!

Originally Posted by dockrocker
I've had similar bad thoughts about the Mack Daddy Formula 419 - just the *bling* factor might be worth it!

But.... unless you can afford to wipe your bottom with $100 bills....
I know, the 419 has a very big bottom! LOL!

What is the optimum cruising RPM of the HP500? Whatever that RPM is, approx what speed would a triple engine 419 travel?

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Default Re: I know I shouldn't ask!

Originally Posted by East Coast B
Dock Holiday, what speeds are you running at those rpm's? Would like to to a mpg equation...... I'd expect to see 1mpg at best with twin 500's just going by the numbers they post in the magazines. And with trips, I would think you would be under 1mpg....

So if you could post the speeds at your rpms, would appreciate it.. Have any numbers at higher rpms?
3800 RPM = 50 MPH GPS 24 x 2 = 48 Gallons

50 divided by 48 = 1.042 Mile Per Gallon

5000 RPM = 70 MPH GPS 44 x 2 = 88 Gallons

70 divided by 88 = .795 Miles Per Gallon

By boat is a true deep vee. I would guess that the stepped hull guys who are running faster at the same RPM's would be more efficient?

Hope this helps.

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