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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

1972 27' Magnum Marine Sport
Boat is in need of a TOTAL restoration, no engines, drives or interior, otherwise mostly complete.
Currently set up for Arnenson surface drives. A usable trailer is included in price.
Price is $4500 USD or best. Boat is located in SE Michigan.
Pictures will be available shortly.
(810) 459-9046
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Default Re: Magnum part 1

Thanks for the info. I've looked at all of the MAG'S you've mentioned. They've been for sale for a long, long time. They're not what I'm looking for, or anybody else is looking for, for that matter, otherwise they would have been sold a long time ago. Their decks have either been modified or they are not SPORTS or STARFIRES.

Magnums or any other boat of this era stay on the market for a longe time due to the fact that there is an infintecimally small market for them. This is probly due to many reasons.

1. They are old and heavy. Most people in the market today
want a newer lighter weight boat that they can get the
maximum speed out of the engine/hull combination.
2. They have been raced and are beat to death.
3. They have been through many owners and have been
neglected or not upgraded with the proper materials.
4. Someone has bought one with the intentions of
restoration and didn't have a clue of what the actual
cost invovled were going to be, These boats usally sit
dismanteled an rot.
5. Financing is difficult for a boat of this era.

I could go on and on.........

My opinion is that you buy one of these boats for the design of the hull and a bit of nostalgia.
Most of the money that I have put into mine is in the things that you don't really see, such as new beefed up transom, engines, transmissions, wiring, plumbing, upholstery, fasteners, replating etc. These are the costs that are always required for a boat of this era and most people do not want to be bothered with.

As far as keeping the boat totally original that is of course left up to the individual. Personally, I don't believe these or any boat of this era is a national treasure. The parts that were available back in the 70's were nowhere near the sophistication that we have today and I also believe the aesthetic design was not paid too much thought.

That being said, I also don't think that the boats should be totally bastardized.

This is what my boat looked like when I first got it.

Paint was not great and the inlay in the front deck was peeling up. I spoke to Richie Powers, at that time he was still with Magnum, and asked him if they still had the pieces for the inlay or design drawings. They didn't and still do not. In actuality the inlay was a piece of laminate that was poorly done. So I decided to delete it. Since I do use the cabin on occasion , i wanted to add some ventilation.
These are the only changes I made to the deck

On my particular boat there was a modified hatch that I have seen on many Magnum Sports. Basically they are a raised box that is either painted or upholstered. At the first go around I just redid the upholstery.

This always bothered me because it ruined the lines of the boat. So I decided to redesign the hatch that would follow the rear profile and not look like the hatch was an afterthought or just a necessity.

continued Magum pt 2

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Default Magnum part 2

I even went so far as to have the original side vents design cast and made for the air intake scoops.


New Cast Grills in scoops.

I basically left the dash and controls alone since I like the style of this with the boat, althoughth the placement of the drive and tab trim is not as convenient as a Gaffrig control.

That's the one that Arronow won all the races with, became famous for, and made a fortune building them too. All the other configurations look like **** and are worthless, even if they have the same hull bottom.
I think if Don were alive today he might appreciate some of these mods to his design and also I think he would disagree with you that he made his fortune in building them.

So lighten up Francis.

Aaron ,
You've got a great boat . I only wish that boat was available when I was looking for one. It would have made things much easier for me as it was in my own backyard.
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

you should be proud, thats a labor of love. I like the attention to detail
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

Gene, thats a work of art.
Don would be proud.
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

I just want to thank everyone that have seen my posts and answered my questions. We might have some differences, as evryone has, but so far, it's been GREAT!
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

Magnum man i like what you did with the deck inlay,I could never understand the purpose of that inlay and always thought it distracted from the otherwise great looks of the sport.Definitely the nicest magnum out there!
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

I like the filled in deck inlay too.....Gene you did a really nice job on that boat......what are you going to get next? is a pic of my 27 sport but if you go to the Magnum forum here at OSO there are a few posts about it also.

Did you check out that project boat in Michigan? looks like exactly what you are looking for.

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WHERE are the MAGNUMS-oso_1.jpg  
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

If and when it sells, I have a unrigged 30 Skater that I have my eye on.

Most of the people that have inquired over the boat are tire kickers and dreamers though. I am in no real rush to sell the boat. I keep in great shape and I am always upgrading something on it. Although, I am running out of things to do. It usually only has about 30-40 hrs a season run time on it.
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Default Re: WHERE are the MAGNUMS

Found this one MAGNUM
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